How to make a relationship last?


1 / Regularly share special moments

Take time for your couple! And establish a long-lasting romance within it. Take yourself at least one evening a week (which does not always have to be the same so as not to settle into a routine) to spend a privileged moment in the intimacy of your relationship. There are many ideas, so you have enough to renew your cinema outing! Cook together, organize a nice candlelit dinner at home with a little musical atmosphere, etc.

But beware, if you have agreed on an evening, do not let anything disturb it! If you are ready to make a cross on it so easily, then your couple is likely to suffer from it… Likewise, make sure to make yourself all beautiful, take advantage of this moment to tell you again how much you love yourself, and compliment yourself even more than usual!

2 / Make love regularly

Ideally at least once a week. Again, you don’t have to write down a particular day on your calendar (which might break the spontaneity a bit). Cuddling under the duvet is an important and excellent way to find and maintain real intimacy within the couple. In the same way, take care to kiss you, to make you simple little hugs daily, a simple little physical contact, a hand on the shoulder, which caresses the arm, is never harmless for the well-being of a relationship.

3 / Take the time to chat

Even if your schedule seems to be full, and you think you do not have a minute of your own, it is still important that you take time each day to discuss with your partner. Whether it is during dinner, or on the phone if you are away, make a habit of asking how your darling’s day went.

Even if you don’t have to keep a regular record of your activities minute by minute, it is important that you share your daily routine with each other, that you are interested in your partner’s moods. And when you are chatting, it is important that you really know what you are doing, do not half check your phone if you are face to face! And if you are on the phone, do not do a third activity simultaneously.

4 / Maintain solid communication

Be honest with each other. Because honesty is the key to all long-term relationships. It is important that you are confident, open, and honest with your other half. As a couple, you should feel ready to share your innermost thoughts and feelings, otherwise there is a little problem!

Don’t be afraid to tell your partner that they disappointed or pissed you off. Confide your feelings, your feelings about an action or a situation. Because it is much better to be direct, rather than being passive-aggressive! Similarly, share your feelings towards your partner, do not hesitate to say how much you love him, how happy you are with your relationship, thank him/her for his attentions, his love, for being present ( e) for you every day, etc … Do not keep everything for yourself, and never consider that your partner knows how you feel for him/her!

5 / Know when to speak, and when to be quiet.

Although honesty is almost always the right solution, there will come times when it is better to keep certain thoughts for yourself … Especially if it concerns your opinion on her new outfit which she likes very much, or on a friend ) that you don’t really appreciate! Finally, choose the right time to chat. If you are about to say something important to your sweetheart, something that is important to you, wait for the right moment. If your partner is tired, stressed, etc. No doubt that he/she will not be at all willing to listen to you properly!

6 / Learn to compromise

In a real beautiful and long relationship, it is much more important to be happy than to be right. Lasting couples know this! If you want to make your relationship last, you can both find common ground together so that you are both happy with the decisions you make. Or that you give each other “the advantage” in turn.

When you make an important joint decision, take the time to discuss the pros and cons, and what you could do to find a solution that works for both of you. And with regard to the smallest decisions, which have less impact; let each other take turns! So, if your darling chose the movie you were going to watch, you have the right to choose which restaurant you will go to next, etc. However, always make sure that one of the two partners is not always the only one to compromise for the other.

7 / Learn to ask for forgiveness, and to forgive

This is something very important in a long-term relationship! You must learn to say that you are sorry. Admitting your mistakes is much more important and constructive than sticking to your positions indefinitely. Even if it takes you a long time to admit that you made a mistake, better late than never! Do not think that it is useless anyway because it was the week / last month.

When you apologize, be sure you want to, and be sincere. Otherwise, it will be useless. Likewise, when your darling comes to find you to apologize flatly for his attitude, forgive him/her! And both of you hurry forward. The past belongs to the past, don’t let bitterness poison your life.