How to make a shy girl fall in love, 22 steps without cheating, she will ask you

With a shy girl never make assumptions

How can I talk to a shy girl that I like? To woo a shy girl, do not qualify her in advance as boring or low self-esteem. Well, many of them are very sure of themselves and are lovers of doing exciting things.

When you want to talk to a shy girl that you like for the first time, think that you are just going to meet her. Be open to a new world of deep emotions. If you prejudge it, you can harm the way you treat it.

To make a shy girl fall in love, do not seek support from your friends


How to fall in love with a very shy girl that I just met and like? Remember that they don’t like to be the center of attention. Therefore, if it is the first time, it will not be a good thing if you approach her with your friends. It can get overwhelmed and you could lose it forever.

How to talk to a very shy girl? Respect their feelings

Do not look at the shyness of a girl as a problem, because for them it is not. They simply feel more comfortable speaking little and in a low voice. So one way to start talking to a shy girl is by respecting her preferences.

What can I talk to a shy girl about? Most importantly, don’t talk as if her personality is a problem, or as a joke. Talk to her about topics that you master, the important thing is that you feel comfortable.

To start a conversation, first, introduce yourself and say your name


If it is just a casual conversation there is no need to introduce yourself. But if you like her and want to continue seeing her, it is best to make a formal introduction. Just say it often and you would like to meet her.

To talk to a shy girl it is important to smile sincerely

The best attraction as falling in love with a shy girl is to present yourself in the most friendly and cheerful way possible. But your joy should not be so ostentatious, but very discreet, remember that she prefers a low profile. Keeping a smile while chatting improves your communication with her.

To make a shy woman fall in love, avoid places with a lot of people

Remember that one of the characteristics of a shy woman is her preference not to attract attention. Therefore, avoid talking to him, if it is the first time, when there are many people around. Just wait for a good time and be very discreet in the way you communicate.

When talking to a quiet woman, be completely natural

One sure way to talk to a very shy girl is not to try to pretend what you are not. You may be tempted to pretend something that impresses her, but you may just be able to make her uncomfortable. Your body language should be natural, encouraged with a slight smile.

Start by speaking little and slowly, without trying to impress her.

A good way to win over a shy and intelligent woman is to start with a simple occasional greeting. Don’t overwhelm her with your presence or making jokes to get her attention. Let her get used to your occasional greeting and presence and let the relationship progress naturally

One of the topics to talk to a shy girl is about you

What can I talk to a shy girl about to win her friendship? The important thing when trying to woo a shy girl is your sincerity. If you talk about yourself, what you are passionate about, about the topics you master, you will be sure of yourself.

Always be friendly, confident and willing to compromise.

A shy girl may like you, but she won’t be the one looking for a first conversation. You will have to start on something relative to the moment. As the conversation unfolds, ask her about what she likes to do. But don’t try to know everything about her.

When talking to a shy woman it is important that you stay in context

How can I talk to a shy girl if I can’t think of anything? The first thing is a hello, how are you. Then comment something about what is happening at the time. The weather, the teacher from the last class, the book he’s carrying, etc. Do not look for topics that have nothing to do with trying to save the silence.

Always give a shy girl reasons to talk

One way to make a shy girl fall in love is by talking to her and allowing her to express her opinion. If she doesn’t speak, just look at her for a moment, smile and ask something like, What are you thinking? What would you like to be doing right now if money and time weren’t an issue?

Always pay attention to their body language

If you want to understand and achieve a better relationship, one way to talk to a shy girl is her body language. Observe what sparks their interest or dislike, and silently seek to make eye contact. That way you will get to know her better. They may not respond to your eye contact, don’t insist.

Take note of the tastes and preferences that you both share

One way to make a shy girl fall in love is to watch what she does with her friends or alone. Some of these things may also be to your liking. Playing those common themes will make you feel more comfortable and she will be happier with you. What can I talk to a shy girl about? If it is time to eat or have a coffee, that is the theme. The next topic is the things that you are passionate about.

Do not promise what you cannot fulfill or what you do not intend to fulfill

One way to woo a shy girl is to clarify what you really want. You may like it, but love requires a more powerful emotional commitment. A shy girl likes to live her passions with intensity, but not with just anyone.

The most important thing is that you earn your trust

She’s not going to trust you that fast and if she doesn’t like you she might never trust you. Therefore, one way to fall in love with a shy girl is to first respect her way of being. You will have to make yourself reliable in the pace and time that she drives. It may take weeks. In particular, it must be very discreet.

Don’t ask her out right away, wait for the right moment

When talking to a shy girl you should keep in mind that they are very reserved. They have an inner world that they love and don’t let just anyone have access to. If she begins to tell you her things, it means that you are progressing. If she teases you and laughs with you, it may be time to ask her out.

It’s time to tell him that you like him as a woman

Once you feel like you’ve earned her trust and she talks to you about her emotions, take the final step. Confess your feelings when you are calm, be very natural and casual. You can choose from several ways to tell him that you like him. That you enjoy his company, and looking at his lips, that you like him the way he is. Or in another more original way.

Be very subtle with physical contact and keep it natural and casual

Physical contact with a shy girl to happen while you make another move. For example, while you hand her something, it doesn’t matter if it is very little, she will notice it. They are very sensitive to physical contact and by their body language you can see if they have a positive reaction or if they are uncomfortable.

If you can’t move forward, imitate their behavior

There are many ways to make a shy girl fall in love, but you may not progress. Maybe it’s not about how I can talk to a shy girl, but about imitating her body language. Remember that they love their inner world and it is difficult for someone to have access. If you really like it, you will have to be patient.

When talking to a shy girl, he seeks to be alone with her

She is going to love getting out of the crowd. If you are with a friend, you better ask him to leave. The more alone they are, the more comfortable it will be for her. But ahead of time you respect your reserve your private space. Don’t overwhelm her by talking nonstop.

If he declines your invitation to go out, don’t insist

To make a shy girl fall in love, keep in mind that they don’t like pressure. They hope you understand that their discretion is very important. Don’t invade her space, don’t overwhelm her with calls or actions on social media. It may be that he just wants a friend, it may be that he does not like you yet. Patience.