How to make a woman happy

Making a woman happy is no easy task, I am not teaching you anything. We know it, you know it, we are complicated (just as much as you actually are), we dream of an ideal, we don’t really have our feet on the ground, we are sometimes annoying (a little bit…). If happiness itself is a personal and universal quest, it is nonetheless difficult to access. Why? If we stop for a few moments on the following quote from Spinoza, we quickly understand why an eternal and continuous enjoyment does not find its place in humans (we are not wise men). How to make a woman happy? Here are some tips

When experience had taught me that everything that frequently happens in everyday life is futile and futile; (…) I finally decided to look if there was not something that was a real good, communicable by itself , and by which, once all others are rejected, the soul would be affected; much more, if there were not some things which, through discovery and acquisition, I would enjoy in eternity of supreme and continuous joy. (Spinoza, Preface to the Treaty of the reform of the understanding, 1661).

However, there are simple behaviors, very simple sentences, which can brighten up our day. If Happiness remains inaccessible, daily pleasures do exist. So why not get started now?

  • You may not need to hear it to find out, but it only waits for the moment it comes out of your mouth. #I love you
  • You don’t like cleaning up? Or the dishes? Even less ironing or shopping? That’s good, she either. # sharing is necessary
  • The routine, everyone goes there. Try to make it more fun. 
  • You appreciate that she takes care of you and it is mutual. 
  •  You do not like it then calls into doing it in yourself 
  • She cooks better than you do but going to the stove once in a while is not the sea to drink! 
  •  A woman likes to be pampered  
  • It’s sweet, quick, and easy, and what’s more, it takes a  lot.
  • She likes theater, Dostoievski and running. #interested
  • You like it when she wears pretty outfits, that she wears makeup and takes care of her. 
  • A woman often feels the need to exteriorize # listen to her
  • Problems, each of us has them, no need to seal the mood at home 
  • Communication is the watchword of a couple that works