How to make a woman laugh? The 3 most important strategies

Anyone who can make women laugh on a date definitely has a huge advantage. Because our study shows: For 50% of women, it’s important that their partner can laugh with them. Thus, humor for women ranks first in the list of all the criteria that they should consider important in a man to enter into a relationship. Even such seemingly basic qualities as honesty and loyalty are overshadowed by her.

But why exactly is laughter so important and how do you get them to laugh in the first place?

The importance of humor to get to know each other

Laughing is fun – and a heartfelt, honest laugh is a cross-cultural symbol that everyone understands. It transmits: “I am cheerful, I have fun and I am fine”. It is also a difficult emotion to control. If someone manages to trigger this spontaneous emotional outburst in you, it ensures that you perceive your counterpart as sympathetic. After all, he literally “struck a nerve”. But there’s more to it than pure sympathy. As you got to know each other, you discovered something in common that is important for a long-term partnership: a shared sense of humor.

If a man manages to make a woman laugh during courtship, this also indicates certain character traits. For example, those who take the problems of everyday life with humor convey serenity and a healthy dose of self-irony. If you want to make women laugh, it takes a high level of creativity and intelligence to get the point across, but also warmth and empathy to get the joke right. If you prove your subtlety to your counterpart with an accurate joke, you’ll also get direct, unadulterated confirmation from a good-natured woman.

Here’s How to Make a Woman Laugh in Three Different Ways

You must realize that there is not a button in every woman that causes her to spontaneously explode. Humor is highly individual. Show a feeling for your counterpart and be true to yourself. After all, you also want a partner who understands you and your sense of humor. So if you want to make women laugh, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Avoid boring jokes

Memorized proverbs are just as inappropriate. Don’t tell tumultuous fairy tales unless you’re a poetry fanatic and can fire off one of your best texts. Don’t imitate the clown, but deal with your partner and the situation. Don’t worry about the question, “How do I make her laugh?”, just relax. Humor only works relaxed.

Important:   be creative and show humor with funny conversational analogies or a funny story from your past. So you reveal something about yourself at the same time.

2. Be sensitive

Don’t do everything right away. If you immediately throw in a rude and sarcastic comment, it can be off-putting, even for funny women. This can make you seem unlikable quickly, especially on a first date.

Tip:  Feel light and sensitive and find out what kind of mood the woman prefers. Does she prefer the harmless positive joke, the silly jokes, or the dry comment coming out of nowhere?

3. Build bridges if you want to make a woman laugh

Include the entire length of your time together so far. Sometimes humorous references to a previous topic of conversation on the date are a good idea. There may be situations when taking a past story with a comment that is completely harmless from the outside, you make an inside joke that only you and your partner will understand. Not only is this fun, but it also shows that you’re paying attention. This is how you bond and show that you are genuinely interested in her.

Why Humor Can Spontaneously Save a Date

Those who can make women laugh not only create a mutual bond and leave a positive impression. Laughing heartily together during the date can also be helpful. It reduces nervousness, you instill slackness and get it back.

In addition, a spontaneous and serious burst of laughter prevents awkward pauses in speech. Even if you don’t continue the conversation with the insert that you want to make a woman laugh, it will remind you of past funny moments and can be used as the beginning of a new conversation thread. For example, your boyfriend might think of a fight where she and her best friend couldn’t stop laughing. Or she comes up with a funny anecdote that reminds her of the positive feeling she gets from laughing with you.

Conclusion: “How do I make them laugh?” – Laughter is mutual

Don’t get too fixated on being funny, go out on dates in a relaxed and authentic way. Play with your own sense of entertainment. Don’t sell farce by serving memorized jokes – they won’t go down well anyway. Everyone finds other things funny and there is no guarantee of laughter. After all, laughing together is mutual – the shared sense of humor.

Respond to your counterpart and refer back to your shared story, even if it’s short. Funny situations often arise spontaneously. If you can make women laugh, you’ve mastered an important step on the way to winning their hearts. And last but not least, the authentic laughter of good-natured women can also completely overwhelm you.