How to make a womanizing man fall in love: 11 tips to make him crazy about you

The chemistry was wonderful? Did you have an amazing time? Did it take you to know a new and magical place? He seems to have it all, he’s handsome, likeable, kind, financially stable, absurdly interesting, smart, and everything else you could have had.

They may even have dated a couple of times already. So what is the problem?

The problem is that you know that he is a womanizing man.

You are not the only one! When a guy has all these qualities and he knows it, it is very normal that he wants to take advantage of them by dating as many beautiful women as possible. But you don’t want to be one more on his trophy list, do you?

How to make a womanizing man fall in love permanently?

You want to be the only one, the special one, and of course, the one that makes him discover the value of loyalty and fidelity. From now on we tell you that it is not easy. But if you manage to become so important and complementary to him that he can’t think of anything but you, you have a chance.

1.- Don’t lose hope

We do not mean that you live in a beautiful cloud of colors and that you lose your sense of reality. As we already told you, it is going to be difficult.

But sooner or later all men feel that urge to settle down and who do you think they choose? Well, the one who was more persevering, loving and constant. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Conquering a womanizing man is not only not easy, it is not quick either.

Most likely, at the beginning, when you are the focus of interest, he will send you all the signals that you are waiting for. And then, without warning, stop doing it. This is the critical point where you have to decide if you really want to invest all the time you are going to need so that it is only yours, or it is more feasible for you to change your objective.

2.- be yourself

We already know that you have heard it countless times. But if we keep giving you this advice, it’s for a reason. It actually works. Womanizing men precisely because they know many women, they know immediately who are authentic and who are pretending to be someone they are not.

So bet on your own attributes and virtues so that they are the ones that conquer your loved one.

If you insist on trying to be who that person you think is looking for, you may be wrong. Shallow women he sure has had galore. So if she realizes that you are authentic and you care to remain whole, that will make a clear difference between you and others.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that absolutely nothing and nobody is worth it so that you stop being yourself. You are perfect as you are, and if that does not convince him to put aside all his adventures and stay only with you, most likely he is the one who is wrong. Not you.

Authenticity is the most important pillar for you to establish a healthy relationship from the beginning.

It’s not about being uninterested or unkind. Just try not to lose your balance between being authentic and being irresistible.

3.- Take care that your appearance reflects your personality

In the same line as the previous point. Just as it is important that you are authentic at all times and never stop being yourself, it is also important that you strike a balance between comfort and giving the best impression of yourself.

It’s not about not getting ready. Nor is it that every time you go out with him you dress up as if you were going to a catwalk. The trick is very simple actually.

We all have a kind of clothing base line, that is, those garments that we wear the most and that define our personality so much. A style that is the one we generally adopt on a day-to-day basis.

The trick, then, is not that you change the style, just that you perfect it. This way you will kill two birds with one stone. Preserve and project your vibrant personality, and see yourself as the best version of yourself.

Are jeans with a shirt your thing? It’s perfect! Just put on the jeans that best shape you, and the shirt with the most original print. That way you don’t stop being yourself, and you give it that extra touch that will drive him crazy.

4. Find the balance between listening and speaking

For a womanizing man to begin to realize that you are different, and to consider you as a possible stable and single long-term partner, he must develop a true relationship of intimacy with you.

We do not mean physical intimacy, but emotional intimacy. And this is only achieved through the exchange of ideas and experiences of both parties.

If you just let him speak and monopolize the speech, you will never have a chance to show him who you are and all your interesting experiences.

On the contrary, if you take over the conversation and don’t let him tell you things, he probably won’t see more of you than someone to hang out with a bit. Because he cannot establish a bond of emotional connection with you.

It is important that you use your talent here to be a good listener and to have an interesting conversation. It is not only about impressing him by talking about you, you must give him space to open up talking about himself.

5. Show as much confidence as you can

Womanizing men are used to a very basic cycle when dating a new girl.

At first everything is flattery, surprises and interest. Thus, women respond favorably to them, and give them what they want. But then they lose interest and they know that, at the same time, the girls will become more insecure and desperate for attention.

It is at this point that womanizing men usually paint their stingray and go fishing elsewhere because they don’t want a compromise.

In order to win over such a man for good, you have to be strong at this stage and not show insecurity when he begins to show a decrease in interest.

First of all, you will be doing something that probably no one else has done, and that simple detail will attract their attention again.

Second, you will show her that you are a worthy woman and that she loves herself enough. And in general, they love it! Third, now you will be a challenge to him.

6.- Smile and have a sense of humor

Very few women really have a truly captivating sense of humor.

Men generally go to their male friends when they want to spend an afternoon laughing uproariously. But if he finds in you, in addition to a pretty girl, a consecrated comedian, you will have him forever.

Nothing predisposes us to romance more than someone to spend hours laughing with together. Take that into account the next time you hesitate whether or not to tell that spicy joke.

7.- Be reciprocal

Womanizing men are very used to always being those who invite, those who pay and those who have details, because that is their strategy of conquest.

But if you take the time to have details with him that no girl ever came up with, you will start to erase the others from his picture very easily.

It’s not about you doing what everyone has already tried. Be creative. If at some point he told you that he loves food from a certain restaurant, you can order some dishes there and surprise him with a dinner at your house as if it were something casual.

8.- Give him a challenge

Our grandmothers, and sometimes even our mothers, are of the opinion that we must play hard. And in fact, with these types of men, they are absolutely right. And it has nothing to do with moral issues.

They simply get bored quickly and above all, of what they easily achieve.

Show him that you are not a fairground prize, but the jackpot of the lottery. And that getting you is not going to be that easy. Men love these kinds of challenges.

9.- Be patient and don’t push

Womanizing men love to feel like they had the initiative in everything. And above all, in a decision as important to them as it is to establish an absolutely monogamous relationship.

Therefore, you should not push it. If you already know that he is a womanizer, and you still want to try to conquer him for yourself, you should know that the best way to do it is not to seem like it.

10.- Be different from other women

We have already mentioned that this point is important. A great strategy is to casually ask him what the women in his life have been like. With some attention and intelligence, you will detect the most common patterns. Then try to highlight your own characteristics that make you different.

11.- Don’t be possessive

It is very difficult not to be jealous and possessive when we know that the man we love is a womanizer.

But it is a fundamental part of the strategy. And it is not about “swallowing” jealousy. It’s about eliminating them.

If he still needs to go play with other girls to realize that you are the woman of his life, let him go. To return to. But yes, always give yourself your place and do not establish an exclusive or overly committed relationship with him, until you are sure that he will do the same.