How to make him addicted to you?

Many women automatically think of s**x when it comes to driving a man crazy. However, this is not necessarily the best method to achieve this end. If you really want to know how to get addicted, you have to play with both your physique and your mind.

Give the mystery a chance to build itself

You have to be a little mysterious when you start a new relationship. It is rare to fall in love with someone who tells their whole life about the first date. Be like a puzzle he has to solve, rather than an open book. This will give him a reason to care about you.

Follow the same rule when it comes to s**x. Don’t undress right away when you’re in your s**xy outfit and he really wants you. Let him contemplate you for a long time to allow the desire to rise in him.

And if he’s impatient, don’t be afraid to say no. He must understand that things should not be rushed and that waiting cultivates passion.

Foster openness to feelings

Everyone needs a special person to express feelings without being judged. Would you like to know how to get him hooked? Make sure he can talk to you about anything and everything. Make sure he is in your presence himself. Make it comfortable so that it opens up completely to you.

There are, however, aspects of him that he will only share with you. By offering such support, you can be sure that he will always think of you. You will be his first confidant, his support …

Become a reward

Men love challenges. Being too available or interested will not work in your favor if your intention is to learn how to make him addicted. It would be like giving him cheat codes in a video game. Where would the fun be in all of this?

Act in such a way as to make him understand your true worth. Show him that he has a lot of work to do if he intends to conquer you. By following this approach, you can be sure to get the best out of your man. He will not hesitate to learn to take the necessary steps in your relationship to conquer you.

Promote dopamine production

If you always offer the same dates, you will annoy him. How to make him addicted to you if he always knows what to expect during your meetings? Rather favor diversity.

Surprise him with different things every time. You could organize, among other things, adventure sports together, or car trips to unknown places.

It won’t just give you new things to tell. These new experiences should also release a healthy dose of dopamine in your brain and in hers. As a reminder, this chemical creates a feeling of lust and desire. Nothing better to make him even crazier for you!

Make it dependent on you

Having a lot of memorable dates with a man is not enough to make him addicted. He needs to feel that emptiness when you are not around.

The fact that you are not always with him will help him realize how much he wants to be with you. If you are still in his space, you will not give him the opportunity to develop his addiction for you.

Getting away from him occasionally will also allow you to develop your power of seduction. This will give you time to learn to be a woman of strength and, therefore, to be more desirable in her eyes.

Maintain the passion of the first meeting

Men cannot stand for a fun and carefree woman to change as the relationship progresses. They will feel like you have lost that spark that won them over at the start.

Try to remain the person you have been since the first date. The sparkle in your eyes, the way you speak, the way you do things … that’s what he needs to cultivate the flame.

Show your vulnerable side

To seduce a man, you must also allow him to see you as you really are. More specifically, you need to show them how vulnerable you can be.

This is due to biological reasons. Men feel the need to protect you and keep you safe. Your vulnerability triggers this protective instinct in them.

How to make him addicted to harmless gestures?

Wear your favorite scent for special occasions

It may sound trivial, but this kind of attention works. Find the scent he likes and wear it for special occasions. But do not wear it every day, because it will get used to it, and it will no longer have an effect.

Also, buy other perfumes that you will wear every day. Indeed, using the same perfume every time is out of date. You have to change your scent regularly to develop a s**xy frame of mind that will make you addicted to it.

Getting s**xy in the house

When you are at home, you can do anything. Occasionally, stroll around in your house. It expresses a spirit of freedom, lightness, and s**xuality.

Men are also known to be addicted to women who have a free spirit. However, this act must be spontaneous. Otherwise, he will quickly understand your ride.

Prepare delicious meals

Cook him a good meal from time to time. You do not necessarily need to concoct dishes worthy of a five-star restaurant. Just make him something he likes instead of the leftover frozen food from the night before.

Men love hot food. It gives them the impression that they are at home. Indeed, eating at home is more reassuring most of the time.