How to Make Him Fall in Love Again: 16 Ways to Get Your Love Back!

Keeping romance alive is easier than you think – read this text and understand how to make him fall in love with you again

Nothing is better than falling in love.

In fact, new love can make you feel like you’re addicted— and for good reason.

No wonder we seek this feeling so desperately.

But just like any addiction, after a while, that feeling of passion starts to wear off. and one or both of you may go from comfortable to aloof.

He starts to get restless, you start to get bored. fights more frequent. Maybe you even think about having an affair, or wonder if he’s having an affair.

One of the most important things to make a man fall in love again …

Before things get this far, there’s one thing you need to know about men: they need to feel valued. If you’re not making him feel special, he’ll start looking for someone else who does. Of course, we all want to feel smart, useful, and wanted, but men often crave that statement even more than women. When they leave a relationship, it’s usually because they’ve made them feel bad about themselves.

That doesn’t mean you should praise him and make him feel good about himself if he doesn’t deserve it.

Sometimes you pick fights and make him feel like shit because he’s really behaving in a really bad way.

If that’s the case, seek counseling or just go ahead and end the relationship. But if he really is the best and you want to feel that butterflies in your stomach again, try one of these ideas to make him fall in love all over again.

1. Talk about it.

Telling him how much you appreciate him in private is one thing. But praising him in public – bragging about him to his friends, in front of him – takes it to another level. Even if it embarrasses him a little, it will make him feel really good about himself – and you.

2. Send letters by mail.

With text messages and email, who still bothers to write letters by hand and send them in the mail? People who are really in love, that’s them. Receiving a real love letter from you is guaranteed to make his day and make him fall in love with you all over again.

3. Back off.

These stereotypical caveman jokes stem from real facts: guys need their space. When you back off a little and give it to him without him having to ask—and possibly feel guilty about it—he’ll love you even more.

4. Ask him what he thinks.

Men love to solve problems. We often get into conflict with them because we just want to vent about something, not offer ourselves a solution. So when you specifically go to him for advice, he’s going to love it.

5. Make eye contact.

It seems like a small thing, but slowing down and really looking your partner in the eye instead of running around or being distracted by the phone makes a difference. Remember how you used to get lost in each other’s eyes in the beginning? Taking the time to get lost again can be a surefire way to reignite the spark and fall in love all over again.

6. Leave the city.

Going on vacation together allows you to see each other out of the rut, which always makes you appreciate your partner in a new way. Have you ever seen him in the mountains? Whitewater rafting? Lying on the beach? A change of scenery is a great way to fall in love again.

7. Listen to him.

Men don’t always open up easily. So when he does, hang up the phone and give him your full attention. Listening to someone for real is a rare gift these days, with our focus shifting in many directions and our attention span getting shorter and shorter.

8. Celebrate the little things.

Of course, you know when your first date’s anniversary is. But what about the anniversary you walked out of a movie because you both hated it so much, or the anniversary when you first met his friends, or when you found out you both love anchovy pizza? Knowing that you remember these things will show him how important he is to you and can go a long way toward making him fall in love with you all over again.

9. Plan a date.

We often expect men to take the lead in making plans. Make an effort to show him that you pay attention to what he likes and go out of your way to plan a special night out or an entire weekend. No fun and cheap ideas? These beautiful night date cards are the perfect solution. Put one under your pillow each week for a new adventure to begin.

10. Encourage him to go out with other people.

Not other women necessarily, but with your friends. You like hanging out with your friends and having your own time, and he needs your time with his friends too. So honor that instead of getting angry about it.

11. Go away.

Absence really makes the heart warmer. So fly in to see his family for a few days and leave him behind. Or take a business trip. You could even travel alone , just because. Why not? He’ll fall in love with you even more when you get back.

12. Take him for a walk down memory lane.

Have you heard all of each other’s stories or are there things he doesn’t know about you? Open your high school yearbook and family photo albums and share the things you wouldn’t show anyone else.

13. Appear to him.

Bring him soup when he’s sick. Sit in the front row when he does a show. Go with him for that scary test your cardiologist ordered. Be his number one fan and the person he can turn to in an emergency, and he will know how much he is loved.

14. Laugh at it.

Next time you’re about to get angry about something that’s honestly not a big deal, and you’re on the verge of a big argument, take a deep breath and just… let it go. Find a way to put some humor in the situation. Laugh about how you almost had that stupid fight again . You will both be relieved and he will fall even more deeply in love with you.

15. Be playful.

Playing a fun couples game – like the best-selling adult board game ‘Monogamy’, known for rekindling thousands of couples’ relationships – is a surefire way to relive your romance and make your man fall in love with you all over again. It’s also great for spending time together on a rainy day and a way to reignite a meaningful conversation between the two of you (It’s also a great gift idea for the man in your life!)

16. Get out of your comfort zone.

Have you solemnly sworn never to sing in front of anyone? Are you afraid of heights? Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things isn’t just good for you , it’s good for your relationship. When he sees you singing karaoke or riding around in a hot air balloon, it’s like you’re a whole new person – someone he can fall in love with all over again.