How to make love last within the couple?

The basis of lasting love is love of oneself, because good self-esteem is an essential element to succeed in establishing strong and mature relationships capable of lasting.

We are almost all looking for love and more particularly a person who corresponds to us to start a lasting love story, a story that endures . However, as we all know, this topic is more complicated than it looks.

Creating a lasting sentimental relationship is not easy. Several elements are involved in this process. However, these are so complex that we often fail to control them: the emotional, physical, psychological aspects, and the experiences.

However, our relationships do not depend on luck, fate, or who we meet in our path. On the contrary, they depend on us, on our interior.

Let’s discover together, in this article, some key elements to create lasting love.

1. Encourage self-esteem

Some psychologists believe that when a person needs a hard relationship it is most likely that that person has low self-esteem.

A person who is desperate to find someone reliable to love him or her faces the problem of a lack of self-confidence.

In these cases, the best thing to do is to clear the picture by clearly identifying your needs before making rushed decisions. A person who suffers from low self-esteem is not prepared for a healthy relationship.

Conversely, people who have high self-esteem don’t feel the need to absolutely find someone. So they don’t need someone to be by their side at all times.

2. Don’t idealize love

His vision of love can be a disadvantage when it comes to seeking it. There are many preconceived ideas, many prejudices, and many misconceptions about what a relationship should be .

“Find your prince charming  “, “get married and be happy forever”, or even the classic “have eyes only for the other” are some expressions that illustrate the problem. The worst happens when his emotional life is based on these myths.

Unfortunately, there are many cases where things don’t turn out that way. Each person has a unique and different emotional perspective. In addition, the dynamics of relationships between people are much more complex than that of fairy tales.

3. Do not consider your partner as an object

The combination of low self-esteem and romantic relationships is almost always marked by fits of jealousy. Some people consider that a serious relationship involves accepting every whim, but they are wrong.

Being in a relationship does not mean owning the other: no human being is a property. Even in a romantic relationship, both individuals are free, autonomous, and have the right to make their own decisions.

Outbursts of jealousy are the reason for many breakups, more than it seems.

Lasting love involves the establishment of consensus and negotiations allowing each member of the couple to feel free, respected, and loved.

4. Assume crises 

Lasting love is not perfect, and it goes through several stages.

The s**xual attraction, the seduction, the materialization of the couple are only a brief summary of everything that happens in a romantic relationship in which two members engage.

All those who have long relationships confirm this. Indeed,  crises are an important part of the relationship because they forge the relationship. Staying united after a crisis strengthens the bond with the other.

However, for this to happen, solutions must be based on the wishes of both members. And not only on those of one of them.

Before focusing on the desires of your spouse, we must ask ourselves what we can do ourselves. So we can better improve the situation.

5. Fuel your romantic relationship

It’s easy to fall in love and give in at the start of a relationship. Indeed, we are influenced by intense hormonal states, and renewed illusions fuel our minds.

What is difficult is to nurture the relationship as time goes on.

Lasting relationships are those that fuel the relationship over the years. The tender gestures, the caresses, the compliments, the understanding as well as the rest of the emotional demonstrations must never cease.

It should be a pleasure but also a discipline.

One way to fuel tenderness within a couple is to learn to put yourself in the other’s shoes. A hus, you will avoid unnecessary hassles replacing the conflict by active trading.

6. No one said it was easy 

Ultimately, getting along with someone and forming a lasting couple is not easy. romantic relationship means sharing a set of vital aspects with the other. Thus, we will think of the psychological, emotional, spiritual, moral, s**xual, and social aspect .

However, this is not impossible, and the possibilities are many when we make an effort and share important similarities with one’s spouse. The work, therefore, consists of accepting the differences, adapting and building the relationship day after day.