How to Make Someone Love You Madly: 7 Infallible Techniques!

Every woman wants to have that secret ingredient that would make any man fall head over heels in love with her.

But this is sometimes an impossible mission because the man you want yours is already committed or is simply not interested in any kind of emotional relationship at the moment.

To help all of you who are dying for that special guy who doesn’t even see you, I’m going to reveal some of the most effective ways to make a man fall in love with you.

So stay tuned!

Make him his own hero

If there’s one thing guys like, it’s the feeling of being useful. So, to make him feel that way, show him that he’s your personal hero and that you need his help.

This will boost his ego and he will want to show off in front of you. He needs you to see that he’s the one who can solve problems and keep him safe.

He wants you to see how calm and collected he is in difficult times and that if you stick with him, you will always get what you want.

Accept him the way he is

Don’t try to change the man you like because he’s not a project you need to work on. He’s a human being with his pluses and minuses and likes him the way he is.

So whatever you do, don’t try to change your clothes, your way of thinking or your friends, because he won’t let you.

If you show him that you accept him just the way he is, he will be very grateful for it and will like you even more.

Remember that just as you don’t want to be changed by someone, he doesn’t want to either.

Be as independent as possible

Any guy will fall in love with an independent woman who knows what she wants and isn’t clingy or needy.

A woman like this sends the message that she doesn’t need a man to complete her and that she’s fine on her own.

She is capable of driving any man crazy and keeping him close to her for as long as she wants.

Once you’ve shown him that you don’t need him, but that you’re choosing him to be by your side, he’ll fall in love with you so much that he won’t even talk about other women.

Be fun and make him smile

Every guy will value a fun, laid-back girl, so make sure that in his presence you are the best version of yourself.

Think of the great opportunity you have to meet someone who is everything you’ve always looked for, to try to go after him and keep him.

I’m not saying you should tell jokes all the time, but try to talk about some positive things that happened to you.

Guys don’t like to hear sad stories, especially on first dates, so make sure everything you say is fun and positive.

A real man will know how to recognize you and treat you like you deserve.

Be confident

I always say that a confident girl is much more attractive than a girl who is not confident.

I understand that we can’t always be confident, but the secret is to feel good in your own skin and be satisfied with yourself.

If you act like this, your positive energy will show and any guy will be crazy about you.

The fact is, guys love confident women because they will help when they feel down and will fight for them when they give up.

Also, seeing a girl acting a little bossy is pretty attractive, right?

Play hard to get what you want

See, if you sleep with a guy on the first date, chances are he’ll never call you again.

That’s why you should try another strategy. Play hard to get and make him work hard to be with you.

If you do, he will see that you care about yourself and that you don’t want to be with just any man, just a high-quality man.

And to think that he’s working hard to get something as valuable as you is going to drive him crazy.

He will do anything just to date you and he will treat you well and respect you because you do it for yourself in the first place.

make eye contact

It’s a miracle how many things a woman can do with simple eye contact. So if you want to seduce a man or make him fall in love with you, make eye contact often.

What you need to keep in mind are a few little tricks you need to do when you smile at him.

As you look at him, smile every now and then and seduce him with your body language.

You can, for example, fix the lipstick in front of it or shake your hair from side to side.

When he sees how beautiful you are, he’ll instantly fall for you and ask where you’ve been all your life!