How to manage a long distance relationship?

Today, for many reasons, many couples are in long-distance relationships. The most amazing thing is that they manage well. While distance can be measured in hundreds or thousands of kilometers, others are separated by a whole continent, an ocean. However, this is not a problem for some. In this article, we suggest that you explore this relationship like no other.

Long-distance relationships: the trap to avoid

You shouldn’t think of it as a long, calm river. As in any couple relationship, there are ups and downs, compromises, and intransigence, especially not obvious complications.
When the two people met, the context was favorable, they let themselves be carried away by the events. Boost by this incredible energy, they believe they are capable of managing everything, even a long-distance relationship. After the first few emotions, everyone realizes that both have a well-oiled life and that it is sometimes difficult to find their place there. Already in a simpler relationship, it takes time for each to integrate into the life of the other. So imagine, the distance in addition. Take the time to ask yourself well and consider all kinds of different situations, from the best to the worst.

Long-distance relationships: maintaining the flame

It is true that today, thanks to new technologies, it is easier to stay in touch. Skype, Facebook, SMS are all ways to stay in touch, to see yourself from a distance. Virtually, yes, but it’s already a start. However, more is needed to keep the flame of love alive.
1- No harassment. Do not fall into the trap of he or she does not answer the phone because he or she is with another person. Trust is essential in this kind of relationship otherwise it will not work.

2- Break your daily life. Why not a surprise from time to time by going to see it. Or buy him a ticket to come see you for an unexpected vacation. It’s always a pleasure.

3- Gently find your place. You each have a life, a job, habits that do not often coincide. Everyone has to make the effort to integrate into the life of the other, to be part of their daily life. Establish small habits between you (phone call, TV show, etc.).

4- Do not stop living. Don’t get trapped by this relationship. Each must succeed in flourishing without the presence of the other, since it is your choice both. If opportunities arise, do activities together.

Living fully in a long-distance relationship must come from mutual choice. It cannot work if you put too much pressure on yourself. But like any couple relationship, it is a daily job. We must give ourselves every chance for this to work and succeed. The most important thing is to always love yourself as in the first days, and the distance can sometimes extinguish your flame.