How to offer her to live together?

You’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and that’s it, you’ve made up your mind, you want to get down to business: move in together! Fantastic! Yes, but how can he be offered to live together? Because you do not want to scare him or make him run away, here we reveal the ideal moment to make your request, as well as the forms to put.

When to apply?

Or rather should we say, after what trials? As you will have understood, moving in together is an important stage in the life of a couple. It is therefore not a choice to offer lightly, nor a decision to make on a whim… Otherwise, you take the risk of going to the front of a certain number of disappointments! So under what circumstances can moving in together seem obvious?

When it comes naturally from the order of things: you are both ready to share and support each other’s intimacy on a daily basis. How do you know if things will be done correctly? For example, if you have already gone on vacation for several weeks together, thus sharing real proximity over time. So do not hesitate to take a “test” before making your request, while combining the useful with the pleasant! Treat yourself to a vacation just the two of you, and see how it goes!

More broadly, from the moment you start to get to know each other seriously, your rhythms, your little habits, your daily rituals, and you feel that you could live in a compatible way together without making yourself goat, that you have experienced growing proximity in recent months, then everything seems to indicate that you are both ready to take the plunge!

How to suggest it?

There are many original ways to make your proposal for living together! Whichever one you choose, just make sure you have your partner’s full attention, and time to discuss it calmly!

If you have a romantic streak, or if you are sure that it will affect your partner, you can make your request by letter. You can even shape it by sending a word of love! So immortalize the request that will have changed the stage of your relationship a great step forward!

You can also discuss it face to face at the restaurant! You can hide a key in a dish, and leave it to your darling to guess the rest!

Or, more original, as for a marriage proposal, put the knee on the ground, and offer a key in a case instead of a ring, symbol of your future common life! In any case, if you have matured your thinking and you think you are both ready to live together, there is no reason why your partner will refuse! So go for it, what are you waiting for?