How to react after an infidelity?

The myth of great love, marriage, PACS, so many reasons to believe in the exclusive love that always lasts.

But everything rarely happens as planned and many women find themselves helplessly confronted with the infidelity of their spouse.

Some immediately prefer to cut short the relationship between them and the adulterous companion, but others agree to give the unfaithful a second chance.

In this case, how to react after infidelity when one still hopes to save his couple? Here is a list of 5 tips that can help you.

1. Try to understand.

When such a crisis occurs in a couple, it is not trivial. If you want to save your couple, you will have to try to communicate with Jules and understand the reasons for his infidelity.

We do not ask you to listen to your dear and tend to speak to you about the Other, just to try to understand what prompted him to commit this mistake and to learn from it so that we can start off on the right foot.

If he refuses to talk about it, force him to do so, he is not in a position to negotiate.

2. Stay firm.

Let Jules know that his behavior has hurt you immensely and that there is no way that you will get him to make the same mistake again.

You must be categorical: “you start again, I leave you”, period. Your companion should know that he has a sword of Damocles above his head and that he is no longer entitled to error.

3. Do not focus on the Other.

On the one hand, do not constantly question Jules about it: “What did you do?” »,« What is better than me? », Etc., we forget!

It would only rekindle your pain a little more. On the other hand, don’t let Jules’ infidelity devastate your life: don’t focus your thoughts on it.

You are not asked to pretend that nothing has happened, it is impossible and not recommended, but only not to let the Other take too important a place, which she does not deserve, in your life.

4. Let time run out.

Your injury will be terrible at the very beginning, you will not imagine being able to move on to something else, but gradually you will see that you will start to heal.

It can take time and varies depending on the individual, but one day you will realize that this painful episode is behind you. Give yourself time to forgive and forget, do not force yourself to please Jules.

5. Know how to draw conclusions.

If your partner’s infidelity gnaws at you too much and makes your life impossible, you should be able to be strong and understand that your relationship, as it has become, is doomed to failure.

Of course, ending a life in a couple is extremely difficult, but if the pain will be sharp at first, you will quickly feel relieved of a weight.

Keep in mind that it is impossible to live properly if every outing of Jules is a source of anxiety and that you can not help but control and monitor everything he does, it is the best way to make you both unhappy.

It is extremely painful to learn infidelity, but the path to forgiveness and forgetting (if possible) is even more so.

You will have to put your suffering and your bitterness on hold if you want to give your couple a new chance, but keep in mind that, unfortunately, your relationship with Jules will never be the same again.