How to recognize the person with whom you made a pact long before your birth.

What if you had known and chosen him for eternity long before your birth?
What if you had chosen it long before the simple concept of “him” existed?
What if you had chosen “eternity” long before you chose yourself?

We all live in a world that urges us to believe that this kind of love does not exist. This world gives us the impression that love is only physical and that there is nothing sublime or enchanted about it.

Modern relationships are full of deception and lies and obviously this modern and chaotic world can only make you think that love is so hard to find that you will never get it.

Do not worry ! You already have the one you need to be with. This life and its flood of lousy relationships are a test to verify that you deserve to be chosen.

Don’t worry, don’t be cold in the eyes.

You have already chosen the one that will make your nights happy and your days even more extravagant. You will feel like you do not have enough time to share your desires and feelings with this special being. You will always feel like you are running out of time.

Your soul will dance in his presence and guarantee that it is the right one. Your body will revel in its caresses and will want them all the more. You will have fun with all it has to offer. Love like this will nourish your life and satisfy your soul.

A love like that will reveal your potential and all of those things that you are capable of accomplishing. He will be aware of your value and tell you how important and essential you are to him and to the world around you. It will not just satisfy the essence of your soul, it will give your life a purpose and fill it with peace.

But how will you recognize it?

Here is the easiest part.

It is the happiness that your soul will experience when it is with you that will let you know that it is it. Your body will react differently to contact. You will be reserved and shy and will need her full attention.

In his presence, you will understand what happiness really is. You will be comfortable with him, not only physically but also spiritually. Physically, it is even possible that you feel these famous butterflies dancing in your belly and an absolute need that he notices you.

What will happen you will be far from each other?

You will not know how to occupy yourself! You will sit down to wait for it as if there is nothing else to do. In his absence, you will not be quiet and after a while, you will even need him in order to be able to smile. You will not even realize that you become dependent on him for eternity because it is only related to him. It’s something that only happens once in a lifetime.

This person you have chosen will do something else for you. It will give more meaning to your life. With him, you will always feel special and this feeling will give you the feeling of being able to achieve whatever you wish.

Once you start to feel that way, you will develop your potential and try to be the best version of yourself. It will be wonderful because it will nourish your soul.

The person you have chosen will make you forget what it feels like to be alone. You have had your share of lonely days and sad nights but this person will give you the impression that all this never happened.

You will forget the sorrows and sadness for being inhabited only by this love with which this person wishes to cover you.

Such a person will add positivity to your life and change your outlook. You will begin to count the blessings you have been given and it will be one of them. It will make you happier than ever.

You will also know what it means to be truly blessed. You will know that few people are lucky enough to have what you have, to the point that others will envy you. But it won’t affect you. You will still want to fill your life with positivity and joy.

Also, you will feel good about yourself. This person will give you the impression of having the most beautiful body, the most beautiful skin and the most beautiful everything! You will feel so comfortable and good about yourself that it will also show in your personality and give more confidence to the way you communicate.

The more we are loved, the more we trust ourselves. No insecurity and no trivial details will affect your heart. You will finally go in the right direction.

But what should you do to meet this person?

Nothing special !

Simply refuse.

Exactly! Simply refuse to settle for anything below what you deserve. Do not allow your insecurities and loneliness to decide who will be by your side. Believe in this love that can happen at any time.

Don’t settle for someone, just out of physical need.

Wait for the person who will ignite your soul.
Patiently wait for the love that will completely change your life.
Wait for the love that will give you a feeling of infinity.
Wait for this love that will seem like a blessing from God.
Expect this love to which you always believed you were entitled.
Wait for the love you have already chosen. Just wait!