How to regain confidence after an infidelity and control jealousy

Studies show that infidelity is one of the most critical tests or situations that a relationship can go through. This is because a relationship is mainly made up of 3 very important aspects. Love, respect and trust.

When we face a case of infidelity, they basically trample on our trust. This results in that discomfort and gives the sudden onset of pain acutely. This feeling makes us psychologically vulnerable, since it can sharply attack our self-esteem. The result of this situation is simply mistrust, being insecure about your partner and being constantly suspicious. These situations can put the relationship at risk .

How to restore my relationship after an infidelity

We are already informed of those discomforts that we can face. We know that to restore a relationship after facing such an act is very difficult. But there are certain aspects, which we can apply to try to restore the relationship and overcome that bitter drink.

The main aspect would be the control of emotions, I know you will wonder how to do it, because it is a very critical situation. It is very normal that you want to explode in tears or anger, but we must not forget the role or role that we have. Something we can do is unburden ourselves in the healthiest way possible, a way that only you know is going to work, try to release those feelings that can pass through thought.

Another important point is to carry out a deep analysis of the relationship , but before the act of infidelity was committed. To be able to determine if the situation of the relationship before the act was negative or positive and if it was negative to be able to diagnose the problems, to find a solution.

What to do to overcome an infidelity and trust my partner again?

Mainly, we must be sure that our partner is sorry for having committed such an act, that he accepted the mistake and apologized for it. Because if our partner does not show traits of regret, but rather plays the difficult or the victim, let me tell you that sooner or later he will do it again.

If our partner’s response is positive, he resorts to forgiveness and it really shows that he wants to do things right, in this case we can begin to try to overcome this infidelity. The important aspect at this point is forgiveness, we must have a heart ready to forgive, not harden our hearts in a certain way, but be able to give this step a chance. Believe me that when you do, you will feel much better and calmer and you can begin to regain confidence.

What stages should you go through as a couple after an infidelity?

There are several aspects that must be gone through after going through a process of infidelity. The first thing is the acceptance and channeling of emotions, as we spoke a moment ago, we must find a way to regulate those feelings that appear after we find out about the lack.

The second stage is the evolution and analysis of the situation of our relationship before the act of infidelity. We must be aware that many of the reasons for infidelities are because the relationship is not flowing in the best way. Be careful with this, it does not mean that the person is accused of committing infidelity, but that in many cases the negative situation of the relationship could be part of the cause of the infidelity.

Third aspect control of jealousy , it is very normal that after an act of infidelity, those waves of jealousy come, this is justified, because trust was directly betrayed. But we must work to control jealousy a bit, stop checking our partner’s phone, their social networks or ask questions in an interrogative way. If we do not control jealousy, we can become a toxic person and this further damages the state of the relationship. Because our partner may begin to feel pressured or controlled in a certain way.

The fourth aspect is to try to recover those intimate moments as a couple. We know that sometimes it happens that the relationship becomes routine, we already think that since we have a lot of time together, those things that united us a lot at the beginning are not important. But that is where many of us make mistakes, because we must remember, what were those things that we did as a couple that united us, to be able to practice them again.

How should I treat my partner after an infidelity – Here is the answer

This situation is quite contradictory, but here we will give you some tips to have the best attitude to this situation. Under no circumstances should you find a way to get even, that will make things worse. Do not try to face the lover, that is to lower yourself to her height.

Do not try to get details of the infidelity, as this will make you feel much worse. Receive as much as you can the problem you are facing, some people just want to look bad and they will make you feel much worse. Play the strong, indifferent, ignore him, since he was the one with the fault, he must find a way to solve the problem and regain confidence.

How to get your partner back after being unfaithful

If you are the one who betrayed, you must be aware that you failed, the first thing to do is accept your responsibility, try not to make excuses, nor make yourself the victim because this will only make things worse. Remember that your partner is hurt with many feelings running through his head.

Keep in mind that everything will be a process and that you may have to work hard to regain your partner’s trust. Try to show him not only with words, but with actions, that you are really sorry for what happened. Try to talk to him and in a certain way, try to win back your opinion from scratch. Focus on those details that first brought you together.

But on the other hand, I give this to you as advice in a more personal way, if you no longer feel anything for him, you think that your relationship is no longer safe or you do not really love that person, be honest, do not hurt him anymore . Better tell him what you feel, in the same way ask for forgiveness, but stop playing in a certain way with that person, because what you will get will be a bad memory or worse image of you in front of that person.