How to rekindle and maintain the flame of your love

How to rekindle and maintain the flame of your love? Romantic relationships grow and change over time. Yesterday again, you were the best friends, the best lovers swearing an eternal love; then, life, the frantic rush of everyday life, the absence of communication and exchanges … You did not have time to say “phew” that you are now playing the main role of the remake of your life: “Grinch and the Teigneux house-residents. ”

The good news is that nothing is played and it’s never too late to catch up! Here are some tips to rekindle and keep the flame of your love alive.

1 # take your time

Many couples believe that living together exempts them from having to spend quality time.

You must understand that it is important to re-evaluate your priorities and to schedule time for your sweet moments. Household chores, responsibilities, children or work are manageable, provided of course you get organized in advance and know how to delegate (or let go ).

Set aside some time for just the two of you if you want to take matters into your own hands. Plan an outing or activity: a weekend in your favorite place, a candlelit dinner, a dance or cooking class, a mountain walk, go horseback riding or paintball etc.
Plan. The important thing is to initiate the change.

2 # put your cards on the table

Open communication is one of the most important keys to a healthy relationship. If you can’t communicate with your partner, you will never be able to give each other a chance to get closer.

The question is knowing how to put the forms there and it is not always easy. Sometimes we say things rudely, in a rush, because we are worried or because we are all just clumsy. In this case,

There is nothing wrong with being frank. Speak up, express your opinion, but do it with love and respect.

3 # independence

Trust and independence are integral parts of a healthy relationship. You have to learn to trust and give the possibility to the other to be with him/herself.

To get together better, each person needs to take care of their personal identity and make their own choices.

Without going to extremes, learn to let go and preserve your own independence.

4 # a sense of humor

A sense of humor is a must. Laughter is a powerful antidote against stress, pain, and conflict. Its effect is immediate and communicative.

Laughter attracts, reassures, and creates positive bonds between individuals. Just see how much we are drawn to happy and funny individuals. And we see it in couples that work well: They are very complicit, laugh at the same jokes, each one laughs at himself without taboos and encourages the other to laugh, they have their own jokes (which nobody understands besides) but which make them collapse with laughter every time … What happiness! There is nothing like it to revitalize your relationship and put more into perspective.

5 # “Romance has no age

” One day my Prince will come….. ”

We know that romance like a “pretty fairy tale” has nothing very real and that it can in no way replace the strong and genuine links that exist between people who know each other well and who have everything. built together.

However, be careful not to let the romance disappear entirely from your relationship. Romance provides a mental break from the daily grind.

You have to make sure that a special feeling always passes between the two of you. Paint, sing, write this love, even if you think you are past the age. The important thing is that you really feel special to each other.

You will see, courting is not so unpleasant, it rejuvenates and it gives “pep” to the relationship. Whatever you have done to win the heart of your partner, the rules are the same: you will have to keep pushing because nothing is ever taken for granted.