How to say goodbye and close a cycle to forget my ex forever

Life is full of constant changes and challenges. That’s what life itself is all about, learning from our own mistakes and knowing how to better prevent and overcome the next ones. Are you going through a breakup lately? Well, let me tell you that this is the moment where you must embrace yourself, and accept the process of change. We show you how!

Importance of closing each of the cycles in a relationship

Have you ever found yourself thinking over and over again in the past? Do you stay dreamy remembering over and over all the things that happened, everything that may or may not have happened? Well, that is a clear sign that you have not yet closed that cycle in your life.

You may not notice it right now, but in the future, staying tied to the past will not allow you to grow as a person. Your personal growth will stop completely! Because you still don’t dare to let go of what you are holding so tightly in the past. It is very harmful to you and to your entire future.

Closing cycles and moving on with your life may be one of the most difficult things to do, but it is one of the most necessary. How do you intend to move on with your life if you still cling to the past? These ties keep you in one place, you do not allow yourself to move forward, and therefore you must release them immediately.

If you’re going through a breakup, or it’s been a while since you’ve broken up with your ex but still can’t get it out of your head, it’s time to do it. Otherwise, you will not be able to establish other relationships, your personal life will be affected, and even if you do not want it, most of your projects will not be carried out.

Leave the past in the past! You don’t have to keep dragging a story that no longer exists. You don’t have to keep waiting for an ex who won’t come back. This will only cause you to continue hurting yourself, attracting many more repercussions on your self-esteem and self-esteem.

How to say goodbye to my ex definitively?

The first thing you should do is stop thinking that life is a fairy tale. Do you want your ex back? Do you miss him too much? Do you feel like you can’t live without it? Well, if you dry your tears, have a coffee, and think more clearly, you will realize that things are not as bad as you thought.

Life always goes on, the world doesn’t stop just because you broke up with your ex. Your relationship didn’t work out? Admire the bright side, because now hundreds of new doors have opened for you to meet better people and perhaps potential partners. So the first step to take is:  Put the fantasy aside and think clearly. 

Your relationship ended for a good reason, don’t hold on to it anymore. Now, the most important thing is not to have any kind of contact with your ex. It’s not about applying the zero contact rule, but rather forgetting about it for a while so you realize that you don’t really need it in your life to be able to breathe.

Go through all the stages of love grief, they are necessary and will make you overcome the breakup faster. And finally, focus on yourself and nothing but you. Promise that you will not fall back into your ex’s manipulations or their games … How long will you continue to damage your emotional health? It is time for you to think for yourself and for yourself.

Overcome breakdown cycles and move on

The ideal support will always be friends. Regardless of whether they offer a penny,  I told you. Because despite everything they will always be there to give you their shoulder if you need to cry.

Also, being alone will never be the best option. Because let’s be honest, your first instinct will be to run and write to your ex again. And we don’t want that! And who better than your friends to stop you, advise you, and keep you distracted?

Think carefully, what are your goals? What are your dreams? What are those things you always wanted to do but couldn’t? And every time you answer more and more questions like that, a bright future will open up more and more in front of you.