How to seduce a man with words: the 15 proven tricks

To seduce a man, being flashy must be an attribute that surpasses even physical beauty.

Although men fall in love with what they see, they end up being conquered through what they hear.

Do you want to learn how to seduce a man using only words? Read on and find out how to do it.

1. Get into your mind

Playing with words until they enter her mind is the main seduction technique.

Undoubtedly, he has already felt a physical attraction for you, but this does not guarantee that he will fall in love, since men love to watch and much more if the girl is suggestive.

Given the physical nature of men, we recommend planning a flirtation with looks and smiles, through which your guy comes to understand that you want to know him even better and will recognize that you are telling him between the lines that you want him to stay close to you.

Don’t push it! If you speak openly about your feelings or are very upfront in your flirting process, two things can happen: that he considers you too easy for his tastes or that he is intimidated by your attitude; in both cases, he will flee from your side.

2. Praise him

All people like to have their egos fed a bit. Try words that encourage him to be a better person or that indicate that his work is important and that without his dedication things would not be the same (if you work together).

You can also give her sincere compliments on her appearance, but not on a consistent basis. Avoid falling for flattery. This is uncomfortable and unbelievable.

Don’t forget to congratulate him on his achievements. The idea is that he feels that you notice his presence and you rejoice for his triumphs.

3. Learn to listen to him

In order to be good at talking, you have to learn to listen carefully to the other.

This is a detail that many people do not take into account, especially women, because sometimes they talk too much about themselves and do not give the man time to intervene.

You cannot aspire to conquer a boy if every time he approaches you you start talking only about yourself.

Showing genuine interest when he talks to you about his concerns, triumphs, and problems shows him that you are a woman with deep feelings and interests that go beyond yourself. This will seduce you completely!

4. Ignore him a bit

It is an almost infallible strategy to show yourself distant and somewhat cold, after having been interested in him for some time without having successfully seduced him.

The time has come to challenge his imagination by stopping talking to him as often as they used to.

Take a step back and see what happens. In matters of love, you have to act with subtlety and a little reverse psychology can be helpful.

Don’t treat him badly or be sullen; Continue to speak to him lovingly —but not with the same frequency— and he will come to you to find out what happened to you or if your distance is due to the fact that you met someone else.

It will also be very useful, to attract his attention, start telling him a story and then leave him with the information halfway. He will come back to your side one way or another!

5. Speak clearly

When subtlety doesn’t work, you may be in the presence of a man who needs to be sure of the intentions of the woman in front of him.

Go to him and without hesitation tell him that you like him too much, that you want to hang out with him.

As risky as it may seem to you, men do not reject such proposals and sooner or later a real meeting must happen between you.

6. The first impression is the one that lasts

It is totally normal to judge another from the moment we meet him. It is part of the very nature of man to qualify those around us.

If you want to seduce a man, you will have to not only look good but also behave at the height of the circumstances so that he is captivated by your manners and a good sense of humor.

Do not neglect to display your opinions and demonstrate full confidence in yourself, that he feels that you are intelligent, funny, and cheerful.

If the first conversation between the two of you is smooth and enjoyable, he will long to see you again. In short, do your best to make her feel comfortable by your side!

7. A good look is charming

Looks always speak! Eye contact is essential to seducing a man.

Nobody likes that the interlocutor looks away, this is interpreted as a sign of insecurity, discourtesy, and boredom.

As the saying goes: “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” If your boy can’t see your soul, how will you seduce him?

I remember the case of an acquaintance who, even after many years of his divorce, was not able to empathize with his ex-partner, because every time she saw him approach, he would take huge sunglasses and put them on.

He claimed that he felt that this was his way of hiding his true intentions and that this was a kind of barrier between what he said and what she really thought.

Based on this argument, if you want to seduce him, he must read in your eyes that you like him.

Stick a beautiful look on her so she understands your true goals!

8. Elusive glances

There is a special magic in a gaze in love, with them it is possible to awaken very varied emotions in the person to whom they are directed.

If you look at him for a few seconds and then look away and smile mischievously, surely he will reciprocate.

He will be attentive to confirm if you were observing him or someone else; His curiosity will make him want to meet you and, consequently, strike up a dialogue with you.

9. Show interest

To take a simple introduction or first meeting with an attractive man to a more interesting level, you will have to show interest in what he is saying.

Interaction with the other is achieved through simple sentences that affirm what they are saying or with questions that confirm that you cared about the message received and want to understand it completely.

Remember that men do not like talking about themselves too much and are quite reserved to dialogue with strangers (regardless of whether it is a woman who attracts them). They would rather get to know you a little better before opening up completely to you.

So it is your responsibility to listen to him and leave the doors open for him to decide to trust you and take you into account as a confidant, friend, and possible partner.

Get out of your comfort zone a bit and be empathetic!

10. Tell him that he is special to you

If you already talk frequently and both of you feel anxious, it is because you want to take your friendship to another level.

It is okay to show it in words since if he is with you it is because he appreciates your company.

Thank you for being a fun man, a good friend, and for always being available to you. This will please you!

11. Have fun

You are not competing with anyone, so relax a bit, enjoy the moment!

Your creativity will play an important role in making your words sound seductive and you can be more appreciated by him.

If the boy in question does not notice your good sense of humor or dislikes him, do not waste time with him!

12. Learn to ask the right questions

In order to get to know him better, find points of relationship between the two, and thus proceed to conquer him, you have to ask the right questions.

You start by questioning him about the things he likes best and what he hopes to find in a relationship.

He wants you to get right to the point, but taking a few detours will help you get to know him and if he’s worth the effort to seduce him or if he just wants a physical relationship.

13. Be authentic

The worst mistake you can make in the process of conquering a man (through words) is to simulate behaviors that do not go hand in hand with your true personality.

Maybe you will attract him momentarily and think that you seduced him completely, but sooner or later you will be yourself again and it will not be easy for you to talk to him as if you were a very experienced woman.

Then, he will feel ripped off and lose the desire to be by your side. For your sake, be honest!

Tricks to seduce using written words

If you are shy or the boy is in another city and therefore cannot talk in person as much as you would like to happen, do not get depressed!

You still have one option to conquer him and earn his appreciation, using written words to do so.

Let’s analyze different contexts to send missives or text messages according to your purposes:

14. Text messaging opens doors

Currently, we all have a cell phone, so it is very popular for two people to start flirting without major inconvenience through messages that range from the innocent to the hot.

If they have already been duly introduced, it is very natural to exchange contact numbers and proceed to greet each other occasionally.

This is where it is up to you to change the focus in the conversations you have with him and thus take the first step to obtain something more than a friendship.

15. Love letters

This is a very intimate detail that will allow you to express all your love and awaken the flame between the two of you once you are a couple.

Surely he will feel very satisfied when he can understand the bond he has created with you through the message you give him in a love letter.

But this resource not only seduces, but it is important to use it when both are already in love.

In short, to seduce a guy and reach his heart using only the power of your words (spoken or written), you must be persistent, resourceful, and show your self-confidence.

Even when physical contact is important, the seduction process always begins with small gestures with which you do not deserve to show any skin. This way you will know if he is really worth it or if perhaps you overestimated him more than necessary.

Try our advice, apply your own strategies and let us know your comments.

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