How to solve marital problems

Identify points of disagreement

To solve marital problems, one must first identify what these problems are, and a list of the main causes of these problems makes it possible to solve them in a radical way. In the argument, we work in partnership to find mutually appropriate solutions on all these issues.

Focus on self-repair

This stage is an important pivot in the process of resolving marital problems: each party must look for ways to self-correct, not to blame the other, or to resort to the self-defense position of the other and to fuel the conflict. It works to improve ways to find ways to deal with problems in a different way, from within.

Evaluate priorities

The success of the marriage depends on the preservation of the essential elements of the husband, the wife, and conjugal relations.

In order to achieve this and move away from the problems that may affect it, it is necessary to give priority to conjugal relations and to seek the best possible interest in cases where there is a specific problem between the spouses and the place of residence of the couple. each part. Both must argue and apologize.

Other strategies to solve marital problems

Other strategies that can help resolve conflict or marital problems can be mentioned, including:

  • Try to mention the advantages of the partner when discussing a particular problem and do not focus only on defects and disadvantages.
  • You must be focusing on solving the current problem by avoiding reminding yourself of past problems and if several problems are solved successively.
  • Be patient until a definitive solution to the problem is found and it is possible to try several solutions until the appropriate solution is reached.
  • By seeking as much as possible to understand the point of view of the partner and to communicate this idea, it will generate acceptance of both parties and contribute to a better agreement.