How to solve relationship problems due to jealousy

To solve couple problems due to jealousy, it is necessary to increase trust, communication, and, above all, the complicity between the two.

Complicity means that they feel so intimidated and connected with each other that it is not necessary to deceive or lie.

In this article, we are going to show you how to solve couple’s problems due to jealousy.

How to solve couple problems due to jealousy?<>

There are 2 essential elements to combat jealousy in the couple: trust and communication.

For there to be trust, there must first be good self-esteem, since it is impossible for us to feel safe with the partner, if deep down we believe that “we are not good enough” to preserve it with us.

The other side of trust is expensive on the outside and must do with an act of faith in which we decide to think about the goodwill and fidelity of the other.

On the communication side, it is necessary that honesty already exists before and, in the same way, this honesty is both with oneself and with the partner. That is, we must admit our feelings and learn to communicate them without fear and without hostility in the relationship.

It is essential to understand that being jealous is not bad. There are still those who believe that it is natural. What is not admissible is to let them reach the point of causing fights in the couple.

How to solve a jealousy fight?<>

The first thing you should do when you are in the middle of a couple’s argument out of jealousy is to avoid that the anger of certain 2 (or both) escalates to the point that it becomes a fight with screams and insults.

To achieve this, when you feel that you begin to feel like yelling or insulting – or you see your partner in that state – it is best to dictate a “time out” of at least ten minutes so that the two of you can calm down and resume the session. discussion more calmly and objectively.

Second, it is more essential to acknowledge your own feelings of vulnerability than to accuse the other. That is, instead of saying “you are betraying me” say “I feel betrayed”. That way, you are not accusing, but rather making it clear that the inconvenience is the way the situation makes you feel.

Finally, to solve a jealousy fight it is essential that they remember together the reasons that lead them to be united and that make them choose each other as a couple. In this way, they will strengthen their confidence and self-esteem.

What to do if there is jealousy in the couple?<>

This depends a lot on whether you are the one who is jealous or the other person. If you are the person who deals with jealousy regularly, remember that:

1) Your partner is with you for a reason and you have no reason to feel threatened or otherwise threatened by other people.

2) Trust always and in all circumstances is the most essential.

3) If your partner is truly unfaithful to you, that will come to light without specifying that you should suspect everything or spy on his private life.

If, otherwise, it is your partner who is suspicious all the time, remind him to:

1) There is a reason why you are with him or well and not with someone else.

2) You are a faithful person who does not seek to be unfaithful or betray.

3) The love you have for him is a lot. Prove it with actions and not just with words.

How to solve a couple’s problems due to lack of trust?<>

Obviously, if the problems arise from a lack of trust, the way to solve them is to trust each other again.

This is not always and at all times simply due to the fact that sometimes with coexistence and failures, trust is spent, but always and at all times there is a way to recover it so that the relationship is harmonious again.

First, identify what causes you to lack confidence. Then talk openly and frankly about the actions you must take to get back to comment on the good mutual claims. But it is not enough to speak it, it must also be done.

How to overcome jealousy?<>

Jealousy cannot be overcome as such because it is a human emotion to which we are all, all of us, fragile.

What we can do is supervise them in the event of an attack of jealousy and learn to deal affirmatively with them when they begin to accompany us on a day-to-day basis.

How to monitor jealousy?<>

Sometimes there are situations that cause us a lot of jealousy, but we must supervise ourselves so as not to do something stupid. If you go through something like this, first count to ten and calm down. If necessary, leave the site for a moment until the moment when you are calmer.

Then consider that the situation is reversed and that there is something that your partner is very jealous of. What do you think would be the right way to react? Probably waiting for them to be alone and then respectfully and calmly expressing the cause of their discomfort.

The way you would like your partner to act is how you should act. Never let a fit of anger overtake you. Remember that your dignity is above each and every one of the things.

How to deal with jealousy?<>

If rather, you are one of those who experience jealousy continuously and not in particular situations, you need to realize that it is surely not something that your partner affirms or does, but rather that you are always and at all times looking for excuses to feel yourself in this way.

One of the best things you can do when you feel that urge to sue or spy on your partner is to occupy your psyche with something else. Perhaps with a hobby that you like a lot or paying attention to yourself.

If your jealousy is caused by a lack of security, always and in all circumstances, there are ways in which you can feel better about yourself, such as joining a gym or meeting friends who share your interests.

What is jealousy in the couple?<>

Jealousy appears when one of the members of the relationship feels that the other is giving another person the attention that he or she is entitled to.

Someone may be jealous of his partner simply because he saw him talk amicably with an unknown person, because he spends a good time with a friend or because he suspects that he is flirting or being unfaithful with someone else.

Jealousy can be justified or unfounded. In the first case, they appear as a result of realistic and objective signs that the partner is unfaithful. In the second case, they are the result of our own predispositions and suggestions that make us see alarm signals where there are none.

For what reason is jealousy?<>

All people, no matter how mature and rational we are, are susceptible to feeling jealous. This is because when we emotionally bond with someone we begin to specify him little by little more.

Jealousy appears alongside the fear of losing that loved one or being replaced.

Furthermore, mammals are territorial by nature, especially males. Humans are also mammals and, although we can monitor our actions and we have many social rules for coexistence as a couple, sometimes it is inescapable to feel territorial jealousy.

But territorial jealousy is not as serious as jealousy that derives from lack of security, which is considerably stronger, more durable, and quite difficult to deal with due to the fact that it comes from a permanent sense of inadequacy with oneself.

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What is it to be a suspicious person?<>

A suspicious person generally justifies his jealousy by saying that the partner gives him reasons to feel it, but the reality is that the problem is in her or in himself, who sees signs of betrayal where they do not exist.

Being suspicious means feeling all the time that your partner is about to move for a better partner. It can also represent that you have a need for control and dominance so great that any small show of independence in the other causes us a lot of discomforts.

To some extent, we are all a bit suspicious, although there are people who handle it considerably more affirmatively than others.

Jealousy is considered to be a personality trait of its own when it is difficult enough for someone to sustain any kind of romantic relationship without inconveniences for that reason appearing with great frequency.

What is an insecure man?<>

An insecure man does not necessarily express his insecurity. In truth, he most likely disguises her behind a front of masculinity, dominance, and aggression. However, while they try to hide it, most insecure men:

1) They are suspicious, possessive, and dominant.

2) They are very demanding with the partner.

3) They get angry very simply.

4) They tend to blame everything on everyone else.

5) They are eager and can be obsessive.

6) They can be violent.

Insecurity in men can have many causes, but in general, it is related to a childhood where there was violence, abandonment, or overprotection.

What is jealousy for women?<>

Women experience jealousy in a slightly different way than men. While they are eminently afraid of another man having physical contact with their partner, they are more afraid of sensitive infidelity.

Some women are also very insecure and see everywhere signs that their partner is unfaithful. However, they tend to be less violent and more blackmailing when expressing their jealousy.

Just as men seem to be more suspicious by nature, women can say the same because it is also men who cheat more frequently.

So it is not possible to say that one or the other gender is more suspicious. They just have slightly different motivations for being jealous.

What is obsessive jealousy?<>

Obsessive jealousy is a personality disorder that can reach the degree of mental illness. The Oedipus complex, and refer to the fact that jealousy takes control of a person’s thoughts, words, and actions.

Obsessive jealousy is extremely dangerous due to the fact that not infrequently people have been injured and even died thanks to it.

In fact, the well-known “crimes of passion” are not really used to being more than homicides motivated by the obsessive jealousy of someone who lost contact with reality.

You can identify obsessive jealousy in a person when:<>

– She is persuaded, for no objective reason, that she is the victim of betrayal or infidelity.

– Follow the couple or examine their things and their messages secretly.

– Often has violent outbursts of jealousy in which it threatens to reach physical violence.

– He is overly dependent and swears that he loves his partner even over life itself.

These are serious red flags, and if you are with a person in this way, you should get out of that relationship and seek help immediately.

What is a very demanding person?<>

Being suspicious and being demanding is not exactly the same thing, although they are usually personality traits that come together.

A very demanding person deep down what he wants is to be the center of his partner’s cosmos. That is, they believe that codependency is the only way to express authentic appreciation and love.

Highly demanding individuals often pick on each other when their partners do things for and for themselves, such as taking a course in something they like or hanging out with friends. This is because they feel that all the attention and energy of the couple should belong exclusively to them.

The difference between someone suspicious and someone demanding is that the suspicious person is afraid that contenders will appear on a romantic level, but the dependent is afraid of anything that “steals” from him, even if it is a bit of attention from his partner (be it work, family, friends, school or hobbies).

What is jealousy in psychology?<>

Contrary to popular belief, the intensity of jealousy does not depend on the intensity of love but is related to a lack of security and codependency. In other words, being really suspicious does not mean “loving a lot”, but rather being really insecure of oneself and/or dependent on the other.

Therefore, from the perspective of psychology, the disadvantage of a suspicious person always and in all circumstances is in himself and not in the rest.

Examples of confrontation due to jealousy<>

Some examples of jealousy issues can be:

1) When you go out with your friends and your partner it bothers you.

2) That your partner insists that you stop seeing a friend or friend of always.

3) If the relationship is always and in all circumstances full of questioning and lack of trust.

4) When you examine the other person’s phone or discover that the other person is spying on your messages.

5) If your partner is furious when he finds out that you had other partners before.

These are just certain examples that you have surely already experienced firsthand, but without a doubt, jealousy can be expressed in many other different ways.

The clashes in relationships will always and in all circumstances be present, but the essential thing is to endure them. Knowing how to solve the inconvenience of a couple due to jealousy is essential since it is one of the most common uncomfortable situations.

Put these tips into practice and let us know how you did with them.