How to stop cheating on my partner and not be unfaithful? Can you stop being unfaithful?

Infidelity is a pretty big obstacle that prevents the growth of a relationship. This happens mostly because of internal problems that were not resolved.

However, there is nothing that can justify such infidelity. It is a mistake that you must assume since you have made it.

But what to do for a man to stop being unfaithful? Regardless of the situation for which your partner does not stop being unfaithful, it is not your fault and that is something that he has to fix.

There can always be a solution, the point is that you want to stop being one to improve both as a person and for your partner if you want to get it back.

If you want to know how to overcome or avoid being unfaithful? or how to help your partner to stop being one? keep reading.

Why is it hard for me to stop being unfaithful?

If you have been through this situation, you must be wondering things like why can’t I stop being unfaithful? o I want to be faithful, but I can’t help it, why is this happening?

Basically, it happens because by doing it once, we are going to want to repeat it, it is our “carnal desire” so to speak. By giving him court for the first time and leaving it like that without taking any action on it. We will continue on that plan and this will become a habit, so it will be difficult to get out of it.

If you are in a dysfunctional or unhappy relationship, you will be very prone to these types of acts. And more so when there are so many temptations in the world. This is why it is necessary that you take some time with your partner and investigate what they need in their relationship to improve it or if it does not work to end it. But it is much more preferable before having something for fun and doing a lot of damage.

This can also go through the constant emptiness that people feel often believing that they will fill it with someone. And in that insatiable search is where I make such a mistake. For thinking that their partners did not fill it and maybe “that girl from work” or “that friend of so many years of acquaintances” does.

Not knowing that this will never happen. No one can fill you completely but yourself. Looking for you and finding you; For this to happen you must learn to be alone and get to know yourself. This way you will have more security and you will understand that someone will not fill you up but will complement you.

Can you stop being unfaithful?

If you reflect to stop being unfaithful, you will see that it is possible. It’s all a matter of making a decision and acting on it without fear. Of course, this can take a long time but it is not impossible.

It will be difficult for you because as mentioned before, you have created a very difficult habit to break. So I recommend you work more than anything on your mental health because this is the one you have to control the most. Since it is what pushes us to do such things.

How to stop cheating on my partner and not be unfaithful again

Accept that you have a problem that you must solve and do not blame yourself over and over again. Just accept it and move on to your change.

Reflect on your actions. Analyze why you did it and what took you to do it, it is not that you should justify but find the reason why you act that way.

Make a decision to sincerely want to change. Plant it and propose it in a way that pushes you more and more to want to change.

Look at the positive things that will happen to you if you do, and also the bad things that will continue to happen to you if you don’t change. Reflections to stop being unfaithful.

Take action on it. If you see something that makes you fall, stay away from it completely. We are humans so weak that we could fall again and again if we do not turn away from temptation. And also because you are in the process of changing and you are still weak or prone to making the mistake again.

Seek help in therapy to treat your particular case. It is always good to treat infidelity psychologically to continue in the best way and that it is the most correct. If you are the one who wants to help, take a posture of acceptance and forgiveness to be completely healed.