How to stop thinking about your ex and move on

The relationship is over … Now what?

Love separations hurt, open wounds that barely heal, and cause negative emotions that slowly disappear. Breaking up is the end of a love affair that once filled us and made us happy. Therefore, settling in the past is not easy, and sometimes overcoming it can be a real challenge. They have spent a lot of time together; you have many memories full of happiness but also unhappy moments, even his gifts are still in a prominent place. But the relationship has come to an end, and there is no going back. You have no choice but to lift your head and move forward. But first, you must face reality.

Are you still in love with your ex?

Time passes and you are still thinking about your ex. And there are times when you think you are doing well. But there are days when all the feelings come back, and you have that feeling again, your heart kicks from your chest, you think you are a fool because you need more time and you wonder why you keep crying. You just want to get to the point of illness. You take the phone in hand because you want to see what he is doing and how he is doing. But, more than anything, you want to know if you miss him. There is no time limit to overwhelm. Take the time you think you need. Pain is a process, and sometimes a person is just not ready to move on. There are things that help you forget about your ex and stop thinking about him, and there are habits that only make it worse.

Signs that show you’re not over it

Do you think you have erased the ex from your heart? After long hours in front of the mirror, convincing yourself that you are over the breakup and after many days full of fake smiles and an effort to show that you are happy without it, some signs may still show that you are inside. love with him Stop fooling yourself that you’ve gotten over the ex and don’t deny that he still rules your heart if you keep doing the following:

Count the days that passed without him

If you think every day about the time that has passed and at once can tell how many months, weeks, and days you are apart, you are definitely not over it.

You’re spying on him on social media

Every day, you spy on him on social media and carefully read each other’s status, and comment on the idea of ​​discovering that he regrets the separation and that he intends to come back to you. You detail your photographs to see if there is anything new in your life and you get frustrated every time a female person writes a flirtatious comment. And it’s not just Facebook, but all forms of social media apps: Instagram, Twitter, all the likes, comments, and everything suspicious. You have become his little stalker.

Suddenly he becomes the prince on a white horse

You erase all its negative characteristics, and when you think about it, it is almost perfect. Now you think of him as someone very special. Even though you’re broken, you keep thinking how funny he was, charming, and how he made every moment magical.

You’re going out hoping to meet him

It’s Friday night, and you dress in the red dress that got the most compliments from him, hoping to meet him and remind him of what he’s lost. And he does not leave the “accidental” meeting to fate, but deliberately visits the places that are most likely to meet him. When you see it, you act as if the party was reserved just for you. You laugh out loud, talk to someone else (especially someone who will make you jealous), dancing like never before in your life. Of course, all to convince you and make your ex think that you are not falling apart for him and want to get back to his fun life.

Like a broken tape in your head, you are constantly listening to the latest conversations with him.

You think about your last conversation all the time. He hopes that the analysis of the last exchanges of words reveals why things went wrong and that everything could have been different. You ask yourself: “Was separation the right decision?” “Can we save the relationship?”, “Should I try more?”, “Was I too strict?” … It is a sign that you are nurturing the hope of regaining the relationship.

How to stop thinking about your ex

Everyone has someone in their life that they try to forget. A long or short relationship, a difficult or easy ending, the breakup is difficult for both parties. And although some treat more easily, you get stuck in the so-called “emotional breakdown” and you can’t go any further. So instead of loneliness, popcorn, and romantic movies with a happy ending that will only make you feel worse, listen to the following tips and give yourself a second chance to be happy.

Give yourself space and time

Getting over the person you love is a long and painful process. There is no magic wand that turns all gray into cheerful colors. You will also have bad days when it seems like nothing makes sense and that you have not walked away, but do not let it bring you down. You are stronger than you think. Accept those moments as part of your healing process and give yourself the time you need to heal. Feel about everything. Denial of emotions will solve nothing. If you feel sad, don’t save your tears. Pay for all the pain you carry for yourself. Acceptance of feelings is always the first step towards healing after rest.

Stop any contact with your ex-partner

It seems difficult, yes. And it is difficult: you are killing a part of yourself, but this is something you have to do. You must set limits that, no matter how difficult, you cannot cross. Complete completion is the most important step in the improvement process.

Get rid of all the things that keep you hopeful

You don’t need them. Put them in a box, take them to the garage or throw them away and forget they exist. The extra reminders of your relationship will only make you feel bad every time you see them.

Stop analyzing, reexamining, and thinking

When you’re done, don’t put yourself in a position to reconsider that decision. There’s a reason the relationship didn’t survive, and all those “what ifs” and “maybe it would have been otherwise” won’t solve the mess in your head. You do not need excuses and explanations, as soon as you accept that you are no longer together, the sooner you will get over it.


Spend more time with your friends

True friends are a cure for everything. Here they are when you are sad, here they are to make you laugh, here they are in good times and bad and when you need them most. He needs your support, so don’t deprive him. Fill your free time with people who love you and think the best for you, call your friend who you have not listened to for a long time and let yourself think about everything except your ex.

Be active

Clear your head with some physical activity. The best way to get rid of negative energy is to play tennis or basketball with friends, run on a pier, or do aerobics. Do any physical activity that makes you feel good about yourself. Inactivity would only ruin the positive energy that is already slowly coming back into your life. Physical activity reduces stress and fatigue on the body, so you will be able to sleep better and also have a better angle of vision of the future.

Write your thoughts and feelings

Are you thinking about your ex and need to talk to him? Bad decision! It will only make you feel worse after the conversation is over. When you feel like picking up the phone and calling your ex, grab a pencil and a sheet of paper, and instead of opening old wounds, start writing down everything that lies to your soul. Express yourself. Then tear the sheet and throw it away. The worst is over.

Pamper yourself

Now is the time when you need to think about yourself and do something good for yourself. The brain does not understand the difference between emotional and physical pain. Go to the spa center, you will feel reborn. Take on some challenges. Change something about your look that you wanted to do a long time ago. Or change something about your daily activities. For example, you’ve always wanted to ride skates or learn a new language, enjoy your free time, and get a new activity or hobby.

Learn to enjoy your freedom

The relationship started sometimes when you try to find yourself again and get over your ex, they rarely succeed. It is better to use the time for yourself, let the anger and pain go before opening your heart to someone else. Don’t deny yourself the possibility that maybe that person at the end of the street is the one for you. Now that you have more free time to yourself, try to get the most of it. Read the book that has long been capturing dust on your bedroom shelf, join an organization you didn’t have enough time to spend with, find a new hobby, and get lost in time doing something that satisfies you. Now you can finally make up for all the things you missed while in a relationship.


These few tips will surely help you with the intention of moving forward with a clear mind and a heart ready to love again. And when they release the radio song you used to call yours, don’t be afraid to change the frequency. When the memories start to fester, be brave and remove them from your thoughts, and in their place, put the ambitions and goals you set in your life and find a way to achieve your dreams. Just remember: “Every story has an ending, but in life, every ending is a new beginning.”