How to surprise a girl to like you

Getting a chick interested in you isn’t difficult enough if you know the proper way to approach her. If you find a convenient way to surprise her, you can make her fall for you in just ten steps.

Surprising a girl to interest her is an art. Many men simply get to the point, expressing to a girl how much they like her and hoping that after that she will simply fall in love like this, without further ado. But it really does not work.

To put it in easier terms, astonishing a woman by giving her something she wasn’t expecting is like the first kiss.

As much as you like someone, if you just kiss them in this way without further ado, chances are that everything will go wrong. It’s all about preparing the ground little by little, letting him know your claims, and waiting for him to feel reciprocal with you.

How to seduce and win over a girl effortlessly

Never try to amaze a woman with physical issues.

He could go with certain, as in the case of stealing a kiss or appearing naked in his living room, but most of the time this kind of surprise can lead you directly to disaster or to a superfluous demand.

Without mentioning that he is used to marching with women who only seek a one-night stand.

If you really like her, then try to get to know her better so that you know precisely what you should do to make her fall in love with you.

Planning your strategy with some care is going to make you give her a huge first impression and that she likes you even before you ask her out.

How to make a girl fall in love with you

Every man has the potential to make a huge chick fall in love with him.

If you already know that singular person, that’s a perfect start. But if you don’t know her yet, you must learn to earn her attention and get her interested in you first.

This is going to make that when they are finally interacting, the whole issue of dating and going out will come out much better, and without care.

10 steps to seduce a girl you like

Here are ten simple steps to seducing a chick and making her fall in love with you in record time. But always and in all circumstances remember that girls who are worthwhile also like men who are worthwhile.

So if you really want her to be attracted to you sensitively, you need to connect with her personality to make her want you.

Just follow these steps and you are clearly on the right track to earn their admiration and love.

1. Spend time with her

Contrary to what most men think, avoiding a girl or playing at being difficult enough before you really have her attention, is a strategy that is not going to make her like you more because perhaps she really hasn’t yet. repaired that you exist. That works only if you are already an incessant thought in his head.

So instead of playing hard enough from the start, try to earn it by making yourself an intrinsic part of their daily life.

If you are there for her all the time, one way or another, she will start to feel incomplete and strange when you are not around her.

2. Give her really lovely compliments

Be gentlemanly, and you will clearly get him to keep thinking of you most affectionately.

Chivalry is only dead because men believe that it is an enormous dedication that is not worth it. But the reality is the opposite.

A little chivalry can be the perfect bundle for her heart, especially if she sees that you are chivalrous all the time, and not just with her.

So act engaging and learn to have long and interesting conversations with her. Compliment her from time to time, but not too suggestive at first.

You have to learn how to make her blush without having to touch on bold subjects.

3. Make him remember you

Always look for ways to get him to continually remind you.

Send her a message just before she goes to sleep, you can also call her at the most unexpected moment of the day, or buy her some easy jewel that always and in all circumstances makes her think of you when she touches it.

Talking on the phone or texting during the day is the perfect way to build romance. Practically always and in all circumstances, you go to get a girl to be really interested in you in certain weeks.

If you do not feel very willing to chat with you at night, start calling her in the afternoons, and little by little call her a little later, so that you are her last thought before she goes to bed.

Once she’s comfortable with that, all you need to do is start flirting in a gentle and subtle way, in this way little by little taking the subject further.

4. Become indispensable

In the psyche of women, a magnificent boy is one who can protect her and always and in all circumstances be there when she needs it. Being the essential kid who always and at all times appears to make things easier for you or to brighten your day.

If she’s grateful to have you around, she’s considerably more likely to think of you often. So as long as you are with her make sure to make her feel truly singular and unique.

Offer to accompany her when she goes to a new place, or when she needs a friend to chat about anything. You need to become an essential and fantastic part of his life.

5. Open yourself for her

Here’s one thing you need to know about communication. If you want to emotionally connect with anyone on the planet, all you need to do is open up a bit first.

When you confess something about yourself to someone, you reveal a bit of your vulnerability and that makes the other person also feel motivated to share something personal with you, and that occasionally creates a bond of trust.

So if you want a girl to open up emotionally to you and the two of you can come to a connection, talk to her about some of your secrets.

It will make her feel closer to you and also begin to reveal certain key questions about her life and her personality. The simpler it is for a woman to open up to you, the easier it is for her to fall in love with you.

6. Avoid becoming her friend

This is essential, due to the fact that otherwise, you can end up in the dreaded “friend zone” from which it is difficult to get out.

There is a very fine line between a best friend and a boy who soon leaves to transform into a girl’s boyfriend.

It is very simple to conclude by becoming her friend when what you wanted was to seduce her, and this generally happens when you do not dare to build physical chemistry with her.

Some guys are very shy and instead of promoting physical approaches, they end up making women lose interest, who eventually only see them as friends.

7. Flirt with her

There are many genres of flirting, but the one that works best with a girl is the one that is slightly passive-belligerent.

Challenge her from time to time when she affirms something and promotes small discussions to produce the desire to prove her quality in front of you. On top of this, if you combine this with a huge sense of humor, he’s going to have a really good time with you all the time.

If you want to seduce a woman, you need to learn to flirt with her more than at the same time it becomes a game that produces intimidation between the two of you.

Touch her wisely, find excuses to be close to her and to be able to build with her little by little that physical chemistry that leaves her deSeosa that you finally dare to give her the first kiss.

8. Let her know that you think of her

There are few things more satisfying than knowing that someone thinks of us frequently.

So compliment her by letting her know that she is in your head all the time. For example, tell her that you heard a song that made you meditate on it, or that while you were seeing a beautiful landscape you couldn’t avoid meditating that she would also have liked to see it.

The point is that you know that you always and at all times find a space in your day to cordially meditate on it. That will make me start meditating on you more often as well.

9. Let the planet know

If you want to ask the girl out at this point, she is probably already ready and even waiting for you to suggest it.

But if you want to play it safe and be clear that she also really likes you and will not suffer a rejection, simply tell one of her mutual friends “by accident” that you like her.

Rest assured, those confessions will spread like hell in a matter of days. She will know and by her reaction to you, you will know if you have achieved your goal or not.

10. Invite her out

If you’ve been building the physical tension between the two of you in a convenient way, she’s going to have realized that she wants more than just friendship with you, so you’re in the right moment to ask her out, and everything else will flow with all. naturalness.

Be subtle and when you feel that the right moment has come, confess how you feel about her. You will surely feel exactly the same way.