How to Talk about Love with a Man? Our Tips To Not Scare Him!

Are you ready to admit your feelings/feelings of love to a man? There is still a little doubt that prevents you from taking the plunge. Like most women, you are anxious to scare him away. Men are not big talkers when it comes to talking about love. How to approach it so as not to face an embarrassing refusal? Discover all our advice to find out if his feelings are reciprocal, and especially find the right words to charm him.

Why do men find it difficult to speak of love?

The myth of the dumb man has existed since the dawn of time. Fortunately for us ladies, mentalities are changing and men are slowly learning to move away from the stereotypical vision of what masculinity “must be”. However, the traditions are well entrenched and the dumb man is not likely to disappear in the coming months.

So, if you still meet one of these men, be prepared to approach the subject in the best possible way. If you want to talk about love with a man, you must first take the time to go to the source of the problem.. Understand why they have trouble expressing their feelings. Without wishing to generalize, we have learned over time that the same reasons often recur. Men are modest about their feelings and find it difficult to find the right words to express them. Also, men have not always used to reveal their romantic feelings. Facing us women, for whom this faculty is almost innate, there is reason to be intimidated. However, the problem does not necessarily come from us. It is also the weight of several generations of mute men, a tradition from father to son in some ways.

There are also some reasons for our behavior. And yes! Sometimes we are the source of the problem. When the relationship is still recent, the man may lack the confidence to speak openly about his feelings. Do not put the knife under his throat! He may need more time than you do to be sure how he feels. Respect his rhythm and you will gain his confidence.

Reciprocal love feelings, the signs that do not deceive!

Before you start the discussion and go headlong into a romantic tirade, make sure the man in question feels the same for you. How can I be sure? At the risk of appearing old-fashioned, there are indeed signs that do not deceive. Men are not big talkers when it comes to talking about love. On the other hand, they can show it with other more subtle gestures, provided that you are attentive to it.

Here are some clues that will help you determine if her feelings are mutual. Do not formalize yourself, it is not necessary to check each box before you start. Remember that you are not looking for the perfect man.

Whenever you need help, he’ll be there and make sure you’re okay. You have become his priority. He usually tries to spend time with you. For some of his important decisions, he asks your opinion which means that he trusts you. Emotional and moral support is very important for a man. No matter where you go, he likes to be close to you (physically). He tells his friends about you or even better, you know them in person. Not all of these signs are innocent. If you have spotted some of these behaviors, this means that you can safely throw yourself into the deep end.

Choosing the right time to talk about love

You will never find the perfect time to admit your feelings. It is always a delicate, even stressful step. However, you can always maximize your chances by setting the stage. There are better times than others to talk about love with a man, especially for the first time.

Disclosing your feelings by message, in the evening or in a lively place is to be banished. You may catch him off guard. The conditions for trading are not ideal. Do not play in extremes either with a romantic evening and a candlelit dinner. It’s the best way to put pressure on yourself, and possibly scare it off. Just try to find the middle ground. A moment when you are alone and relaxed. A moment when you feel a good chemistry between you.

How to approach it? 3 steps required before admitting your feelings!

Now that you have all the right keys in hand, it remains to find out how you are going to approach things. Each situation and relationship is different. Speaking sincerely about how you feel is certainly the best technique. However, there are a few techniques for the first exchange.

# 1 Don’t take the big game!

You understood the man does not have this same sensitivity and facilitate speaking of a love that women have. Try to be subtle, don’t directly say “I love you”; “I miss you” or, “I think of you”. It is too brutal and above all these are words that concern YOU. On the contrary, think about what you like about it and communicate your feelings, value it. Express the reasons why you like him (his qualities), without necessarily admitting it directly. The message is the same, but the approach is softer.

# 2 The choice of words

The right choice of words is fundamental. Unconsciously, we all tend to stop at certain words. Some resonate more, others can be hurtful. Some words are flattering, engaging, intoxicating or even seductive. We advise you to think about the speech you want to convey. Even if everything seems perfectly orchestrated in your head, once in front of the man who upsets you the situation can escape you. Take the time to think about what you would like to say and the most appropriate words to get the message across.

# 3 The 5 languages ​​of love

There are several ways to express your feelings. Have you ever heard of the 5 languages ​​of love ? The rewarding words, the moments of quality, the gifts, the services rendered, and the physical touch. Try to approach the subject from different angles. Men are sensitive to it. If the feelings are mutual, your loved one will soon make you understand it. Maybe not with words, but more discreetly with gestures. Pay attention!

It is not always easy to find the right formulations to talk about love. We don’t always know the codes for “whispering in men’s ears”.