How to talk to a girl for the first time, 16 ways to win her over

Seeing a girl you like and feeling like you can’t do anything is disappointing. How to talk to a girl for the first time? How to approach a girl you do not know ? It all starts long before you take the first step towards her.

How do you talk to a girl you like? If that girl had something that is familiar to you, it would be simpler. For example, if you have a book that you read and you loved it, you would speak to it with great enthusiasm. Your attitude would build on your strengths.

Taking care of your personal hygiene gives you a lot of confidence

To start talking with a girl that you like, it is important that you sit down and see yourself with good hygiene. Well, approaching and talking to him means bringing your scent to his personal space.

Your body hygiene, the cleanliness of your clothes and the freshness of your breath should feel pleasant. It is also important that you take care of your oral health, as it is not enough that your teeth are clean.

How to talk to a girl for the first time: Take care of your dress

The way you dress greatly influences how you are perceived and how you are treated. How to approach a girl you don’t know? You are trying to sell your image, so make sure it is the best.

It is not about dressing elegant with brand clothes, but that you look like you love yourself a lot. Your dress, movements, shape and subject matter should feel congruent.

Show confidence by approaching a girl you don’t know.


Before you approach a girl you like for the first time there should be eye contact. She should know that you are approaching and perceive that you want to speak.

Look at her, smile and start walking towards her calmly. How do you talk to a girl you like? You must be very spontaneous, that is, have prepared a lot by doing these things.

Your enthusiasm and sympathy must shine through at all times


It is easier to practice speaking to new people if you are indifferent. Say hello, say something while shopping at the store, help someone on the street, etc. You have to cultivate your enthusiasm and sympathy.

The best way to talk to a girl for the first time is to make it part of your habit. If this is your first time talking to a stranger, you can get frustrated. Better take it as a process.

To talk to a girl first communicate non-verbally


Starting a conversation with a girl you like means you first express that you like her with your body language. Your enthusiasm at seeing her will help you communicate that you want to talk to her.

To get closer and talk with a girl you like, get used to going for what you like. The lighthearted spontaneity of your body language should be appropriate out of habit.

How to approach a girl you don’t know: smile well

The best way to talk to a girl you like is to approach smiling. A smile disarms the barriers, opens the heart and curiosity. When you smile, you make yourself more attractive.

So how do you talk to a girl for the first time? Let him first feel your smile, your positive state of mind. If she sees you as friendly, plus your pleasant presence, she will like your presence.

You must maintain eye contact with her at all times

What to talk to a girl about for the first time? The most important thing is what your eyes speak. If when you approach her and when you speak, you look away, it may mean a lack of attention and sincerity.

How do you start talking to the girl you like? The conversation begins non-verbally. So make sure you are sending good signals with your eyes.

Your hands and your whole body should also communicate


There is a sure way to converse with the girl you like without fear. All your body and energy should be focused at that moment with that girl. Your hands and all your gestures must be positive.

Your body language should convey confidence, calm, and gratitude. When you speak, your hand gestures should convey naturalness. You are not doing this for the first time, you are an expert.

When talking to a girl, do not be an intruder invading her personal space

Another way to talk to a girl for the first time and get her to like you is by respecting her personal space. You are a stranger to her and your first task is to gain her trust and sympathy.

So the best way to converse with the girl I like for the first time is to be conservative. Do not talk to her from so close or so far. In this first stage it is very important.

Your voice should be kind, clear and you should generate curiosity


There is an attractive way to converse with a girl that you like. The volume of your voice should sound normal, neither forced to intimidate nor weak to appear insecure.

Once you gain her attention it is important that she starts talking. Talk to her as if you already know her but want to know her news. It is important that you know what she thinks.

It is important that you are heard safe, friendly and unconditional

One sure way to approach a girl you don’t know is by being very nice and playful. What you say should interest him so you must understand the connection context well.

Her way of combing her hair, her clothes, what she does, what she wears, are things to her liking. So, how do you talk to a girl for the first time? Highlight what you like about her and get her to laugh.

Your language should be appropriate, polite and optimistic

How do you start talking to a girl you like? In each of your words and gestures you must convey enthusiasm. It is important that she feels you as someone who is educated and has great optimism.

Always talk about positive things, stay away from complaints and any gesture that takes away energy. If she catches your enthusiasm, you can have a long talk and even ask for your number.

When talking to a girl, congratulate her on the moments you like about her

Another sure way to converse with a girl for the first time is by highlighting her personality. For example their hair, girls always take good care of their hair. Be genuine when you value her.

What are you afraid of talking to a girl for the first time? If she is made up and well groomed, she values ​​her love for herself. Highlight the place where you are as a result of their presence.

You can start a conversation with a question and a good mood

One way to approach and converse with a girl you don’t know is by asking questions. If he is carrying something or is eating, ask him where you can buy them but at a discount.

A clear and polite question is a sure way to start a conversation with the new girl you like. Remember to keep a good mood and if he can help you by accompanying you.

When speaking good humor helps a lot with a girl the first time

The most important thing for a girl to have a good time is to laugh at something. So how do you talk to a girl for the first time? Good humor is more important than being handsome.

You don’t need to be a comedian, just know how to speak positively and joke about simple things without being heavy. Of course, like everything, you have to practice a lot with other people.

Your first conversation should be short and purposeful.

It doesn’t matter which subject you choose to talk to a girl for the first time. If you really like her, your goal is to see her again. If you are not very talkative, avoid prolonging your presence.

Follow these tips to chat with a girl for the first time. Get her to tell you her phone number, or what her routine is so you can see her again. Talking to him can even be a simple greeting.

Knowing how to talk to a girl for the first time is an art that is practiced by talking spontaneously with other people. Simply think and design the lifestyle you want to have with habits.