How to talk to your wife when she is angry?

Being in a relationship also means accepting to face certain problems, especially in terms of communication when everything is not rosy. Do you often argue with your wife? Would you like to know how to deal with anger in a difficult relationship? Or what are the tips for making peace and being reconciled?

When our partner is angry, it is not always easy to reason with her and really know “what to say” so that she calms down but above all “how to say it”. However, in this article I will help you take the right actions to calm her negative emotions and help her resume a more pleasant dialogue.

In order not to escalate things, you will have to learn to adapt your speech, not only in words but also in attitude. I know that very often you also share anger but it is not to the one who will shout the loudest that you will be able to improve your communication or your relationship.

You will first need to take the time to understand his moods, then once you feel that it is really possible to have a dialogue then you can use a calm and reassuring tone of voice to immediately stop his anger.

1. Never shout because you will point her even more

We often want to speak even louder than her and impose yourself. Originally, we don’t want the argument to drag on and to make ourselves heard, we decide to raise the tone so as to put an end to it. However, this technique is more frustrating than anything else, so if you really want to regain control, you will absolutely have to follow this rule: never yell so as not to play her game.

Appeasement is necessary to show her that she is at fault and that respect must remain an absolute basis for your relationship.

2. No longer seeing everything in black …

Each conflict must be a source of lessons to never relive such a situation. many people tell me “Between us it’s friction but it’s because we love each other” … Until the day when arguments become too frequent and the break is never far away.

This is why I really recommend that you stop thinking too much about the negative to regain control of your emotions, to manage crises upstream thanks to more positive attitude and a smile in your relationship.

When looking for something positive, you must already create it around you and create a good attitude, a good behavior, in the short to medium term your partner will see the difference and become aware of your changes.

Do not wait until you are in trouble to react!

3. Think about solutions before having a dialogue

Before coming back to his angry partner, it is better to first think about his actions, what we are going to say, how we are going to do it. Should we prepare an apology? Should we use a handwritten letter instead? Or a call to avoid friction?

It’s not always easy to talk to your wife when she’s angry, but it’s even less so when you don’t know what to say and improvise. It is better to put forward solutions to be sure that this situation will not happen again!

4. How about chatting in a different place?

As I explained it is not only the words but the way in which we pronounce them that is important and I can even add the context in which we find ourselves. When you’re in the middle of your apartment where the first argument broke out, it’s not the best idea to want to talk to that place.

For the moment this place is synonymous with tension, bad memories. So try to innovate and choose a different place, more conducive to dialogue and analysis of your couple. From experience I recommend that you take a walk in the forest or in a park in order to avoid the big anger of your wife and to set up the positive.

5. Don’t talk about feelings or love

When you want to have a better dialogue with your angry partner, you don’t necessarily have to make a declaration of love to her because that’s not what is expected. In so many cases, it turns out that one of the major problems is the lack of attention, of recognition. It is true that many men are known for not necessarily expressing themselves well and I know that many people will read this article while being in this situation.

You don’t necessarily have to say “I love you” to her, but you can still use the valuation technique to show how essential she is and especially that you have noticed her efforts.

You now know all the tips to talk well with your wife even when she is angry or the relationship is in crisis.

I recommend that you take action quickly, don’t wait for conflicts or a break-up to react.