How to tell if an older man likes you: 13 signs

It is common for women to be attracted to older men, especially because of their experience and maturity. But they are also usually reserved about their wishes. If you’re wondering how to tell if an older man likes you, here are the signs to find out.

Check out this list of 13 signs an older man likes you and is interested in you:

1. Pays attention to you more

It doesn’t matter where he met you: at the movies, work, school, a bar… the possibilities are endless. But regardless of where was the first meeting, if you caught their attention and they liked you, how will they show it?

An older man is usually more confident, so he will have no problem showing interest.

If he also smiles at you or approaches you, he is sure to like you.

2. He tries too hard to keep in touch with you.

Once you have the first contact, an older man interested in you will seek to maintain communication. A mature man will not want to “play.” If he liked you, he will ask for your phone number or invite you directly to date.

Older men tend to be more direct and seek deeper relationships. That is why it will be essential for him to communicate with you, get to know you, and chat to know more about you.

3. He is clear with you and straight forward

Older men are more comfortable expressing what they want. Whether it’s his goal to meet you, have fun together, or start a serious relationship, a mature man is likely, to be honest, and clear about what he wants.

If he asks you out, compliments you, or asks you nice personal questions, chances are he has intentions with you.

4. He is considerate of you

Life experience makes an older man have more empathy and consideration for you. What do I mean? Well, asking yourself “have you eaten yet?” is not just a saying.

If your prospect wants to know how you are, if you feel good, what worries you or gives you advice on how to solve a problem, do not underestimate it. It can be more than just a show of good manners and reveal a true romantic interest in you.

5. Show good humor

Handling stress, work, expenses, traffic… come on, adult life can be very difficult. The inconveniences and difficulties can lower our spirits. A mature man knows how to keep a good mood and control his emotions.

If he is especially cheerful when he is with you, he tries to make you laugh all the time and he tries to infect you with his happiness, he certainly feels something special for you.

6. takes you seriously

This point is complementary to the previous one. In addition to trying to cheer you up and put you in a good mood, a real sign that he is interested is that he listens to you, takes your opinion into account, and respects your judgment on different topics.

If despite the age difference he talks about important or complex topics with you, or asks you about a strange book, it is because he sees you as someone intelligent and capable of leading an interesting talk.

7. Talk about your feelings

When you date an older man, it’s not all about talking about business, books, and jokes. One of the characteristics that distinguish mature men is that they have more confidence in themselves to express what they feel and allow themselves to be vulnerable.

In fact, if you’ve ever wondered how to tell if an older man likes you, you’ll see that the simplest answer is that he will let you know. Older men tend to expose themselves if they sit down with the right woman, someone they consider special enough to share their lives.

8. He is protective of you

This is a common feature in men. Most have the instinct to protect women, and especially the girl they like.

With age, that protective instinct increases. It is possible that the difference of years between the two makes that older man see you as a “girl” who requires not only physical protection but also advice and guidance. If he shows this to you, he definitely cares.

9. Commits

By now on our list, you should be clear that most mature men want to be on firm ground. If an older man likes you, he will give you clear signals that he wants to be with you for the long term.

It does not mean that he will ask you to marry, but he will probably propose future plans such as trips, spend important dates together, he will even speak in terms of “boyfriends”, “couple”, etc.

10. Show interest in your life

If he likes you, he will obviously want to be aware of what is happening in your life: your occupations, your friends, family, your mood, and so on. That’s the best way to show that he cares about you, that he wants to be a part of your life and find his place in it.

11. He surprises you 

Arriving as a surprise when you leave your work or sending you cute messages at the least expected moment are special gestures that can brighten your day.

Older men know the importance of details to brighten up your life and the element of surprise is the best of strategies. If he seeks to make you feel special when you do not expect it, he is expressing what he feels about you.

12. Introduces you to his family and friends

Once they are in a relationship, the clearest sign that he is serious about you is that he will introduce you to his family and close circle of friends. Older men don’t include just any girl in their environment, so meeting their family is a big step that shows interest.

How do you know if a real man is interested in you? You can be sure that if he introduces you to his close circle of friends it is because he has already told them about you, his relationship, and his expectations with you.

13. Mention the word LOVE

There is not much left to explain here. Talking about love is the greatest obvious demonstration of your feelings.

In the case of an older man, talking about love is much more important. Your life experience and (perhaps many) previous relationships will have made you value your words much more and be more cautious before promising love. If it does, don’t hesitate: it’s yours.