How to win a dispute over a woman

You’ve met this beautiful woman and are flirting with her, or are you already in a relationship? Suddenly, this other guy appears who is hitting on his beloved…

A red cloth for you! You get madly jealous and want to take out and outrun this rival to get rid of him.

But stop! Not so fast… before jumping down this male competitor’s throat, you should take a deep breath and read this article…

… simply so you don’t do anything rash that you might regret later!

Get rid of your rivals

What do most guys do when they suddenly smell competition while in a relationship? Of course, they react with jealousy and want to defend their territory!

A voice in your head screams:

#1 Mistakes Guys Make With Competitors

Out of sheer jealousy, offended pride, and fear of loss, these men do 2 things:

1. You confront the woman:

  • “What do you want with that guy over there?”
  • “How do you know that guy?!” (in an aggressive tone)
  • “Explain to me: what does he have that I don’t?”
  • “Who is the one you are constantly texting?”
  • “Why are you meeting this guy again? “
  • “Do you doubt our relationship? Am I not good enough? “

2. You attack the competitor, usually with words first:

  • “Hey, that’s my girlfriend!”
  • “Better get out of here, my friend!”

Sometimes, a threatening look is enough to make the rival understand that he must leave the field as quickly as possible.

However, some aggressive contemporaries aren’t shy about putting their fists out and giving contestants a violet to get rid of them.

The fears behind jealousy

Don’t do any of that! Do not react with jealousy, aggression, or offense – neither towards the woman nor towards her rival. If you want to turn it off and get rid of it, you will have to use other methods.

The truth is, jealousy shows a deep sense of insecurity and fear of loss, especially in a relationship. There is a tremendous noise in your head and an inner voice tells you:

“  I’m not good enough for them. There are thousands of men who are better than me. Stronger, smarter, more charismatic, funnier… She’ll grab someone else if given the chance! 

Therefore, this jealousy is an expression of low self-esteem.

A self-confident man, on the other hand, is aware of his qualities and trusts in the attractive effect he has on women.

What does the woman then think of you?

Reacting with jealousy and knocking out your rival with the steamroller doesn’t show strength. It is a sign of weakness.

Women have very good feelers for this and will smell your little ego if you have a huge jealousy scene.

If you behave jealously, then exactly what you feared will happen: you will lose your charm and the woman will turn to her opponent.

Rivals are a “test” for you!

One thing is certain like the men in the church: women choose confident men as partners! That’s why they even put you in competition with other men to test if you’re jealous.

Whether flirting in a club or in a relationship: There is no better test for exposing a supposedly strong man with low self-esteem.

Then you better pass this psychological test! I will tell you how to do…

NEVER do something like this during a party:

You must not bring down your rival by pushing him or loudly asking him to go away. Also, don’t try to make a fool of yourself when talking to a woman to make him look unattractive!

Girls don’t like this behavior one bit – what woman doesn’t want a boyfriend who later in the relationship is constantly going to the roof in jealousy?

Also, your newly conquered enemy will want revenge and in return, see how he can make your life hell at the next best opportunity.

Then, all of a sudden, he tries to outdo YOU ​​as a rival.

Do you want that? I think not!

Most important rule: create a WIN-WIN situation!

By that I mean: make this man your friend, distract him, and behave in such a way that each of you two walks off the field a victor that night.

Strategy 1: Treat him like a friend

You can get rid of the rival, for example, by giving them your drink menu at the club and saying:

“  Hey, let’s drink. Bring us both a beer! 

He’ll be happy with the free drink and waver at the bar while you can devote yourself to women in peace.

Strategy 2: Find him a girlfriend

Better yet, if you want to eliminate the rival: you keep that man busy by pairing him with another woman.

Do you already know a certain lady (perhaps a good friend) and establish a friendship with your “rival”? Then you can introduce the two to each other:

He will be infinitely grateful to you for giving him such easy access because most men are terrified of talking to strange women.

You spared him that…

Then you leave the two of them alone and have a FREE ROAD to talk to your disturbed chosen one.

Get rid of rivals in relationships

If you have an attractive and sociable girlfriend, opponents will soon arrive:

  • That guy from the gym/yoga class
  • The mysterious stranger who texts her
  • Her ex-boyfriend called back
  • The man who shamelessly hit on her at this party
  • And many more…

The most important rule if you want to eliminate rivals: Keep calm!

If you now react jealously to opponents, you will achieve the exact opposite of what you want.

If you are jealous in the relationship, your girlfriend will – as described above – doubt your masculine self-confidence.

This drives her even further into the arms of other men because she wants a partner with a strong ego.

Maintain self-esteem

First, I want you to believe in yourself.

This woman did not become your partner for anything. So she has to see you as something very special, for her you are the greatest man on earth.

Why would she suddenly lose interest and want to get rid of you to play against her rival?

So stay calm and instead of fear of loss and fights continuing to bring harmony to your relationship, she will continue to see you as a dream man.

Strengthen your own partnership

As I said before, if your girlfriend starts to be interested in another man, you won’t be able to avoid reacting with jealousy.

Don’t make a scene for her or her rival to get rid of him!

Instead, the motto is: Sweep in front of your own door.

Try to improve your relationship and be the most attractive partner possible for your girlfriend. She will then love him so much and be so happy that she will not lose any thought with other men.

Take the lead in the partnership, and surprise her now and then with spontaneous activities to escape the gray every day.

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Answer the Jealousy Test Correctly

Women use competing men (mostly unconsciously) as “measuring instruments” and “detectors” to test their jealousy.

This can happen when your girlfriend suddenly dumps you at a party and flirts with other guys.

But they can also be casual comments in day-to-day relationships. You are sitting at dinner or in front of the TV when she suddenly says:

  • “By the way, I ran into an old friend while shopping today!”
  • “Tomorrow I’m going to the movies with Fer, don’t you mind?”
  • “This guy, who we met at the party the other day, is really nice!”

The case is clear: such incisive comments about another man are intended to incite and irritate you.

If you want to get out of this unharmed, you shouldn’t confront her now or secretly dig through her cell phone messages.

Don’t Show Jealousy

How can you protect your relationship from an earthquake?

You are always on the safe side if you just do NOTHING. That means: let your girlfriend chat with other guys at the party until she gets back to you.

In the meantime, treat yourself to a drink at the counter or have fun with other women… let’s see if SHE is jealous of her rival already!

Even with interspersed comments about other men in your life, you react completely neutrally and respond in a friendly way, as if she just told you she was seeing your grandmother.

Instead of jealousy, you respond positively:

  • “I always find it fun to run into old friends by chance. It’s exciting to see how they’ve changed and what they’re doing now! “
  • “Are you going to talk to Fern? Send him a hug”
  • “Yeah, Fer is really a great guy, I like him too!”

Your girlfriend will then realize: You are very sure of your cause and do not believe that these rivals in your relationship can be “dangerous”. Because of this self-confidence, she will love you and quickly lose interest in her opponents!