How to write a farewell letter to a love who did not value me

Today we are going to talk about love, although this time with a broken heart. Through a farewell letter to a love who did not value you, you can channel your pain and say goodbye. The best way to end a relationship with someone who no longer wants to stay is to say so.

Expressing yourself or venting will be the right way to say goodbye in a healthy way. Regardless of the degree of the situation, it is never too late to say goodbye to a love that hurts us. We should not put up with something that destroys us and takes away our value completely.

Neither you nor anyone else deserves the pain that a heartbreak causes. And although many times we do not want to leave, staying can be much more painful. Many times we cling to the idea of ​​thinking that he was the love of our lives and we do not want to see reality.

Opening your eyes and realizing that this love did not work and that it is not possible to share the rest of your life with that person is something very difficult to do. That is why the first we refuse to take the first step. Understand that we are completely free beings and we do not need anyone to belittle us or make us feel inferior.

How can I start a goodbye letter for my boyfriend if we have broken up?

If you want to write a farewell letter for a love that did not value you, here are some tips. We recommend that you follow these small steps that will make a difference. They can also be useful if you want to write a letter to your husband for reflection or to a friend.

Make a draft with your feelings

Before writing your letter to that love that did not value you, make a draft with your feelings. First, think about how you feel and avoid writing the first thing that comes to mind.

Think well of everything that has happened, of those beautiful moments that you have shared together. Also remember all the difficult times that you went through together, as a team. The endless talks, the walks, the happy moments, the boring ones, the quiet ones. I introduced you to what you liked about him or her, in those hobbies that made you angry, and those that made you crazy with love.

Sincerely express your feelings. Get to know them thoroughly and take a good look at them so that what it truly is comes out. That is why in solitude you will be able to discover them completely well and not only that, but you will also get to know yourself again as a person.

At the beginning you can make a list of topics you want to talk about so you don’t forget anything. After you have finished it, you can begin to delve into each of them. Surely, as you write, you will remember other things that you may want to mention.

Perform several letter tests and do not deliver the first thing that comes out It is better to keep comparing until you feel satisfied with one. That is why it is good to take the time to do it. In this way you can capture what you truly feel from the heart.

The place you choose to think and write will be essential for this. Try to pick one where you are alone without any distraction. And only you and your feelings are found.

Go over and reread your draft a couple of times and see if you have written everything you wanted or not. When you are done, you can start writing your goodbye letter for that love that did not value you.

Do not write with a grudge

Regardless of what a relationship was like, the breakup is horrible. The pain it causes often fills us with resentment and we focus on it to heal. Doing so is not the best way to say goodbye to a sweetheart.

If necessary, take the time to write your goodbye letter for that love that did not value you. Wait a few days for the anger and resentment to subside. Remember that you write it so that the other person understands the reason for the goodbye in a sensible way So think, breathe and let go of everything.

Writing a goodbye letter to a love who did not value us will always be painful and sad. Be it a marital separation for my husband, to end a relationship that did not work or for a love that could not be.

However, doing so can help you vent and let go of that strong feeling . I know it sounds cliché, but it really is a matter of time. You will see that as the days go by you will heal much more. So you will feel better about yourself. Strengthening your confidence and courage that may have taken away from you.

Do it calmly

Following the previous point, take your time and write your farewell letter to that love that did not value you calmly . Write from the side of love and remembered all the beautiful moments you have had together.

It doesn’t matter that he or she didn’t value you enough. You are a beautiful person and you are worth more than you imagine. Learn from the mistakes of this relationship and say goodbye in the best possible way.

It’s normal for the first few days after your breakup to feel devastated. Believe it or not, you are going to change . You are going to eat little or eat a lot; you will start buying clothes in excessive quantities that you will not even use; you are going to go out a lot too or you are going to refuse to leave your house.

At all times you must remain calm and understand that it is only a matter of time. When you have come to understand why you are no longer together, you will be able to embrace your pain and heal .

One day and without realizing it, you are going to wake up calm, without more crying, without more anger. In this moment, be still and listen to what your body has to say to you. Suddenly you are going to hear your heart saying “it’s over and I’m ready, for when you want, want again.” 

Focus on what is the last time you write to him

Always remember that it is the last time you are going to write to him . Therefore, try not to forget anything you have to say to him. To do this, always use an eraser.

If you only have negative feelings, it is best to write a letter to yourself first. Use this letter to write all the reproaches, complaints, grudges and others. Unburden yourself before writing a letter to a love that didn’t value you.

In the goodbye letter that you are going to give him, focus on the good things that you have experienced together. Thank you for all the learnings at your side . Yes, even though you are saying goodbye, you can still tell him what you liked about him or her when you were together.

You can also take advantage of this farewell letter to ask for forgiveness . Relationships are for two, therefore, it is also important that you be aware and that you take your part.

If your partner was no longer paying enough attention to you, it may be due to different reasons. For example, maybe you didn’t do it either and inadvertently you both let love die.

If possible, end your letter with some positive sentiment. Even if their life leads them to walk on different paths and that hurts you, do not end your letter with a negative phrase. For example, you can tell him that you love him, that you will always remember him for his good things, and that you wish him well.

Think if you want to deliver it or prefer to send it by mail

You already have your farewell letter for that love that did not value you ready. Now you must think about how you are going to give it to him. If you want you can send it by mail or at home to make it easier.

If you still have strong feelings for that person, it is best to avoid giving it to them in person. Otherwise, if you have already managed to leave your feelings behind, you can go to his house to visit him and leave your letter. Don’t stay too long and let him read it alone.

If you have made it on your piece of paper, you can give your letter to a close friend of hers or a family member. You can even leave it under your door. Try to avoid seeing him again until you feel ready to deal with the situation.

On the other hand, if you have written your letter on your computer or on your mobile, you can send it by email, WhatsApp, or any other means.

Regardless of it, don’t wait for him to answer you . Most likely it won’t. In the event that your ex-partner decides to reply to you, it is best not to reply again and continue the conversation.

Remember that you have written a farewell letter for a love that did not value you. Therefore, he is not someone who is worth giving you a second chance.

How to write a message of separation to a love that did not value me?

To write a separation message / letter to a love that did not value you, you must follow the previous steps as is. But first, always keep in mind to give yourself time alone to heal , cry and vent. So that you can be clear about your feelings and thus you can express them correctly and sincerely.

Don’t ignore anything you feel, but don’t set the matter on fire either . Remember that in a farewell you will no longer go back to that person and what was is is no longer. What we are going to is your own healing. And writing a message is nothing more than a step to let go and detach yourself from that person completely.

Examples of goodbye phrases for a love that did not value me

Next, we leave you some goodbye phrases either for that impossible love or for a sad goodbye to the love of your life.

  • The truth is that I loved you very much, but I realized that it is not enough to continue with this.
  • I really don’t want you to be an impossible love because I love you too much, but the things that are, I can’t change.
  • I really can’t force what can’t be, even though I love you too much.
  • You will be forever the love of my life, although I could not have you for me.
  • I take everything I learned with me and with a lot of pain I say goodbye to you.
  • With all my heart I wish you the best for your life, that you can be happy, even if it is not by my side.
  • I hope this farewell is positive for both of us and that we can learn from our mistakes.
  • May the sadness we feel today help us to be stronger tomorrow.
  • The day you left I felt my whole world collapse around me. And even though I didn’t know it at the time, it was the best for both of us.
  • Opening my eyes and realizing that you no longer loved me, that you no longer cared, was the hardest thing I had to go through. Thank you for teaching me to be stronger.

You can also use phrases from songs with which you feel identified, either to inspire you or capture them as is. The point is to make the letter personal.

So far we come with this guide on how to write a farewell letter for a love that did not value me . We hope that it has been useful to you and that you can put into practice all these tips that we have given you.