How women show interest

How do women show interest in men?

You can easily recognize women’s interests if you just pay enough attention to them and know HOW to show them. It shouldn’t be a secret that women communicate differently than us men.

Women don’t send obvious signals and rarely say it openly and honestly.

Signs of affection are quite subtle: body language (gestures, facial expressions), a furtive smile, or a seemingly insignificant WhatsApp message on your cell phone in the morning.

The reason for these subliminal signals:

The female gender is inherently passive. Women want to be conquered by YOU and not put a roast pigeon in their mouth. That’s why they expect you to recognize their interest and give you the appropriate signals.

Recognizing a Woman’s Interest: What NOT to Do

Many men get nervous at some point after being in contact with a woman for extended periods of time. They realize they are playing a temporary game and slowly have to win over the girl before the train finally leaves her. There is the fear of losing the chance to make love and falling into the friend zone…. or the person you love completely loses interest because you weren’t brave enough to show affection.

I understand that. We guys want to make sure the woman has feelings for us and avoids being rejected. We want to get “permission” to finally kiss the woman.

But remember: never ask these questions! The girl will interpret this as uncertainty for you and will be turned off. As I said before, women hate to talk about it openly. Because, again: They expect you, as a man, to flirt aggressively and recognize your positive flirting signals without waiting for an official invitation with wrapping paper and a bow.

The main signs that a woman is interested

Starting today, the big guesswork is over for you! You no longer have to worry about missing the right opportunity for a flirting offensive or, conversely, getting dumped for being too tempestuous. I will tell you the most important signs that you can use to tell if the woman is really interested.

Part 1: Your body language

How often do we guys see girls get silently involved when it comes to whether they like us? Or they just don’t tell us the truth…but we humans send signals with our bodies too. Because they are unconscious (except for professional actors), a woman’s body language is much more reliable and revealing than the spoken word.

The most important flirting body language signals are:

  • Before the first meeting: at the club, restaurant, etc., she keeps looking at you.
  • She runs her fingers through her hair or plays nervously with her jewelry.
  • Your posture is open and facing you (for example, no arms crossed).
  • When talking, she maintains eye contact for a long time and looks deeply into your eyes.
  • She reduces physical distance, and sits or stands next to you.
  • To please you, she stretches her chest or buttocks towards you. She wants to emphasize her physical advantages.
  • She smiles a lot and laughs at your jokes (including the ones that aren’t funny).
  • In conversation, she always casually touches you.
  • If you play with her, she’ll punch you in the shoulder.
  • In conversation, she adapts her body language to yours (eg, similar posture when sitting, same pace when running).
  • Her gaze is shy, she often looks away, embarrassed, and then back at you.
  • She crosses her legs when she stands in front of you (meaning: no escape position as she feels safe with you).
  • His gaze wanders back and forth between his eyes and his mouth (triangular gaze).
  • If her face is close to yours, she might want to be kissed.

It should be clear: the more intimate, the more open she is, distance, on the other hand, is always a sign of disinterest.

Part 2: Your behavior

You can also tell by her general demeanor if a woman is interested. If she wants more than friendship and has a relationship on her mind, she will do things she wouldn’t do with a good friend. For example, she won’t watch TV with you in sweats with a bag of chips…

Signs of interest in your behavior include:

  • She dresses up when she has a meeting with you (makeup, nice clothes, etc.).
  • WhatsApp messages usually come from her.
  • She often visits her Facebook profile.
  • If you talk to other women she will be jealous.
  • She takes extra time for you despite the stress of the exam, work, a sick golden hamster, and other obligations.
  • Their dates take place in pairs so that they have a “dating character”.
  • She also waits to introduce you to her friends or family (why don’t you introduce your partner to those circles right away).
  • You hear that it’s a great topic of conversation with her and her friends.
  • If you are in groups, she gives you a lot of attention.
  • At the meeting, she is visibly reserved because she expects the tour from you (for example, stop downtown so that you can decide which restaurant to go to).
  • At the club, she is always “by chance” near you.
  • She confides in you and visits you home alone or invites you to her apartment.

Note: Reluctance on the woman’s part does not necessarily mean disinterest, but it could also mean that she wants to be conquered by you. If she’s passive but she’s still open-minded and looking forward to a date with you, that’s a good sign.

Part 3: Your Words

Of course, there are also verbal signals to know if a woman is interested in a man or even wants a relationship. But I don’t mean direct statements that she likes you. Also in language, signs of female flirting are much more subtle.

Verbal signs of a woman’s interest are:

  • She emphasizes the similarities between you (e.g. “Really awesome, we have a lot in common”, “Finally someone who sees like me”)
  • You get a lot of compliments from her.
  • In conversation, she asks interesting questions about her life, for example, B. Hobbies, family, etc.
  • She would like to know more about your relationship and family (for example: “How many girlfriends have you had?” “Would you like to have children later” etc.).
  • In dating: She confides in you and talks openly about her inner feelings.
  • Negative phrases come out of her that contradict other signs of flirting (she says, for example, “You’re not my type at all,” but laughs and grabs your arm).
  • She takes her statements back as a joke (eg, “We would make a really great couple… no, I was just kidding!”).
  • Her outrage over his dominant male behavior is visibly represented (“How could you…”).
  • She asks petty questions to put him under stress and thus test his masculine strength.

The latest tests in particular are a strong signal by which you can recognize a woman’s interest. For example, she asks, “Do you still know other women?” or “Do you say these compliments to all women?” With these little tests, she wants to find out if you have enough manhood and are therefore a suitable candidate for a relationship.

Is she seriously interested? That’s how you can know!

Now you know the signs you can use to tell if a woman is interested. But how can you correctly recognize their interest when approaching them or on a date? Most importantly, don’t wait for “factual” or “serious” statements with which the girl clearly indicates that she likes you.

Take your attention away from the informational level and consciously focus on your body language on the next date! Because like I said: our body never lies. Of course, you can also pay attention to her words. But always remember that it is a game and has nothing to do with logic or objectivity.

As you saw above, women use a lot of irony in flirting and often mean something completely different than what they say.

Start Offensive: How many signs that the woman is showing interest?

Of course, the above signs are not a guarantee that the girl is genuinely interested. But in general, the rule of thumb applies: the more flirtatious signs you notice, the more likely it is that she is really into you. There must be at least 3 signs of her, but then it’s time for you to light the next level.

What does that mean exactly? It’s simple: you are the man and you have to act now! Otherwise, she will (often unconsciously) think:

”  Oh, man! I show my interest and he just doesn’t dare to take the next step. I think the guy is not for me…  ”

So attack the department! If you see her at the club or on the street and she looks at you and smiles, talk to her! If your first date goes well, exchange cell phone numbers with her. And on the date, you should start touching her and even initiate kissing later on.

Starting today: collect a lot fewer baskets!

The big plus: is the risk of a basket dropping quickly for us men if we can recognize body language and other cues during flirting. With my tips, you can now correctly interpret your interest and always know when the time is right for a charm offensive.