I am not happy in my relationship, what should I do?

While it can be difficult to come to terms with, if you are no longer happy in your relationship, you should ask yourself a series of questions to see if it is worth continuing this way.

Often times, we complain and repeat “I’m not happy in a relationship” when in reality we should be analyzing what we are doing wrong in the relationship.

We may have forgotten the fact that being in a relationship takes work. And while pure and simple love can be used to move it forward, it also requires great effort and desire.

Unhappiness sometimes harasses us in our romantic relationships, but instead of whining or starting to panic, it is necessary to take the time to think about it to see what is really going on.

The reasons why I am not well in my relationship

There are many reasons why you don’t feel good with your partner. Maybe a lack of passion, infidelity, or a discussion that lacked respect.

However, there are some causes that we don’t pay attention to, perhaps because they run deeper and require more comprehensive analysis.

Let’s look at some of these causes.

1. You find it hard to accept the fact that you feel resentful

If your partner has been unfaithful, maybe you have forgiven him. However, inside you are fooling yourself. You haven’t forgiven him completely. You feel resentment.

This might be one of the reasons you’re not well in a relationship, and the way to resolve it is to come to terms with how you feel.

Are you angry? Do you hold a grudgeIt is better to accept what you are feeling.

2. It is difficult for you to recognize that you do not handle conflict well

In every relationship, there are differences that give rise to arguments and conflicts. However, that shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you don’t know how to handle them properly.

Are you listening to the other person? Do you always want to be right? Are you questioning the past? Just as many possible reasons why you are not happy.

It is important to learn not to be bossy in your relationships. We must accept the other at all times when we are giving our opinion or negotiating a topic.

The main thing is that in the end an agreement is reached in which each of the parties can be satisfied with the solution.

In addition, a conflict should never be postponed to another time. It must be resolved as soon as possible, without putting it off until later. In this way, it will disappear and the relationship will be strengthened.

3. The passion is gone

While sometimes we don’t care much about s**x, it does influence the well-being of every relationship. However, sometimes it goes away and we are not sure why.

We should review communication with our partner.

Do we express what we want? Are we able to appreciate relationships or do we see them as an obligation? Do we take time for them or do we put other priorities forward?

Passion is cultivated. Stopping touching each other, giving each other affection, starting not to send signs to each other can reduce passion.

If you don’t know how to fix this problem on your own, it is good to go into s**x therapy or couples therapy. It will help you a lot.

4. You do not accept that everything is finished


When you are not happy with your partner and have been for several years, you may deny that you need a break. However, this can lead to you sticking with someone you no longer love and can lead to infidelity.

Sometimes we lack the courage to say “stop here” and end a relationship where love has faded and we are no longer happy with each other.

However, it is better to be sincere and honest than to act subconsciously and lead to a catastrophic end that will hurt everyone.

Also, when one is no longer comfortable in a relationship, it is important to analyze whether it can be resolved or whether it should be stopped. For this, it is necessary to put aside self-deception and be honest with yourself and the other person.

A relationship should make both people happy. If not, we have to resolve this ASAP, right?