I can’t stop teasing my crush: what does that mean?

Since you met this boy, you can’t help it, you keep teasing him. Whenever you see him, you shake him up on his clothes, his tastes, his humor. And yet, you like it. But why are we doing this?

This is it, it’s your time! Your crush has finally spotted you and you will spend the evening with him. Besides, he’s so cute with his perfect white t-shirt. But instead of telling him, you’re going to carry him on his almost non-existent tan.

And that is nothing compared to the first date that you are going to give him. Whether it’s when he talks about his childhood, when he orders fries or when he tries to give you a compliment, it’s the same thing every time: you can’t help but clash. Of course, it’s fun and not mean. However, the poor boy can end up getting upset. Put yourself in his place.

“There can be a very fine border between nice mockery and that which becomes hurtful,” explains sexologist Vanessa Marin at the Cosmopolitan site. “The teasing should be fun and playful, in no case should it become malicious,” she adds.

In the end, you just try to hit on it and crack it. Don’t worry, we all do the same thing. You just have to succeed in finding a happy medium between teasing and kindness. Here’s why you can’t help but tease your new target.

It helps to play down

If you are not used to staying serious for a long time or you are rather shy, you might feel embarrassed to show your feelings to your crush. To avoid this, you make up for it by making fun of him.

” Romantic relationships are much more frightening than you would admit,” says Dr. Jeremy E. Sherman. “You are embarking on an adventure where you are necessarily vulnerable,” he adds.

Opening up to someone can obviously be scary. To play down the situation, we try to laugh, teasing the other as soon as we can.

This makes it possible not to feel rejected

If your attraction is unfortunately not mutual and your crush does not want to go further with you, teasing him can still allow you to stay on good terms. This allows you to protect yourself if you are rejected. “You can pretend to play a role, like a joke,” advises Vanessa Marin.

Be careful not to hide behind humor. It would be a shame if your crush thinks that you are not sincere or that you are really not attracted to him.

It proves that you feel good with him

If someone intimidates you, you would never dare to tease them, even for fun. So if you dare to behave like this with your crush, that should reassure him a little. Finally, it is also a way to show him that you are interested in him and that you are very accomplices.

It reveals if your crush has a sense of humor

As we know, in a romantic relationship, trust and respect are two extremely important concepts. But humor is an essential quality for the good maintenance of your couple: to feel good, you must be on the same wavelength or in any case, be able to have fun together. “Teasing is a trait of personality, some people are more prone to it than others,” says the sexologist.

For example, if you are a very teasing person but your crush gets upset every time you say something, it could be difficult to hear from you.

It is important that your interlocutor does not feel bad when you want to laugh. It’s a good way to see if you can agree on everything or not. But it’s also a good reason to take it easy, so as not to rush the other.

It helps you build a real bond

At the start of a romantic relationship, passion grows stronger. We don’t stop making love, we feel as if we are magnetized to our new partner. However, apart from physical exploits, it is important to get to know yourself and above all, to start building a certain bond.

If everything is going well between you and you spend a few years together, it is important to feel comfortable with the person from the start.

It’s a way of telling him that you accept him as he is

If it seems obvious that you are laughing while teasing him, you also show him that you notice these manners and these small quirks. Obviously, if you tell him, it’s good to show him that you don’t mind and that on the contrary, you would almost find it cute.