I don’t trust my boyfriend, what to do?

He may repeat to us that we are the only one, the only one, we cannot help looking for the little beast. What does he think about when we’re not together? What is he doing? With whom? No more tying knots in the brain! By dint of questioning all of his actions, he will end up getting bored or even leaving us.

We let him live

Confidence is one of the great pillars of the couple. Without it, the relationship can never move forward. First of all, you must know that you cannot be in contact with your darling 24 hours a day. It would not only be unhealthy but boring. We would have nothing more to talk about at the end of the day.

The point is, men have less need to talk than we do. They like to be resisted a little, that we show them that with us, it is not cooked at all. This is why we must give him the benefit of the doubt, let him think about why we do not give him any news … As paradoxical as it may seem, the more we trust him, the more we let him free, and the more he will have. want to get closer to us. So we refrain from calling him ten times a day, especially to say nothing!

Unless our intention is to get us to drop faster than our shadow, we don’t interrogate him as soon as he walks through the door. “Where were you?” With whom? Why didn’t you call me? Who is your new colleague, is she beautiful? What did you drink? Are you sure you were with Jerem? We put ourselves in his shoes for two minutes: if he did that to us, we would think that he inflates us and that he lacks self-confidence. S**xy? Not at all! Well, it’s the same in his case.

We let him breathe, have his independence, his own activities, and his moments between guys, otherwise we run straight into the wall.

We strengthen our self-confidence

Let it be said, when you don’t trust your guy, you don’t trust yourself. We’re always afraid that a prettier, smarter girl, more this or more that, will come and steal it from us?

First of all, we stop psyching ourselves. There are good reasons why he is with us. So we stop interpreting the least of our actions and we refocus on ourselves, we learn to appreciate our own qualities. Before meeting him, we had a life, we were happy. We must continue this momentum, tell ourselves that he is just a plus and that we can very well live without him.

And if it is difficult to trust him, we must at least have confidence in the moments spent by his side. We share a whole lot of things together, we talk for hours, we have fun in bed… These moments of complicity, he lives them with us, with no one else so we have a length of time. advanced. Keep in mind that everyone has the right to have their own secret garden, to keep some mystery, and not want to be glued to each other on a daily basis.

What is the secret of couples who last? Unwavering confidence in each other …