I have the impression that he loves me less … How to react ?

Love (with a capital L) is sometimes a bit complicated. It’s not easy to be constantly in osmosis with a man who comes from Mars when you are a woman who comes from Venus! So when we feel in love as on our darling’s first day but we feel him a little more distant from us, we start to doubt, to be afraid, and to say that he loves us less …

Why this feeling that he loves me less?

In a couple, it is never pleasant to have the impression of being at 150% while our spouse painfully reaches 60%. But before panicking our BFF to tell him that we suspect that our guy is cheating on us or that he is going to leave us, we take the time to sit down and think.

If we have been in a relationship for a while with our darling, it may be normal that he is a little less fusional than before. The honeymoon only lasts a while! If at the beginning we called each other every day, we went out 3 times a week together and we drank too cute nicknames, we must not forget that after the merger comes a time when everyone seeks to flourish in a way. a little more individual.

If our partner no longer systematically gives us a “heart” smiley face at the end of each text message and that last night he went out with his friends without us, that does not mean that he no longer loves us or that he loves us less.
It’s just that he wants to do things on his own! And if he wants to live adventures on his side and he urges us to do the same, it is not to get rid of us: on the contrary, it is a proof of confidence!

Behaviors to avoid

When our partner is less fusional than before, it sure raises a lot of questions in us. But if while discussing it with him we realize that he just needs more space than us in the relationship, it is important to respect his choice.

So we avoid crises as soon as he goes to the movies with a friend rather than with us, reproaches when he returns from a party to which we were not invited, and harassment by text as soon as he is far from us. Because that is not a way to make him more in love, but rather to scare him away!

After all, he has the right to have happy moments without us, right?

Do not live only through your couple

When we are in love and deeply in love love love, we find it very difficult to feel that the other is putting some distance and being less fusional than us. This is a little quirk that we often find in women who are literally crazy about their darling: as soon as he leaves for 10 minutes or says he wants to go out with his friends, on his side, it is as if the world is collapsing.

While in reality, not wanting to stay glued to the person you love 24 hours a day is ultimately quite healthy! So even if we are hyper in love with our darling, it is important not to live only through him and our couple. Because apart from our guy, we also have our family, our group of friends, our activities … in short, our own little world, not to mention a little secret garden that we must not forget to cultivate!

And a fulfilled woman and well in her sneakers, it will always make a man dream more than a hyper-stressful girlfriend who constantly harasses him …