I hope you fall in love with someone who will make you feel home

We associate the house with where we sleep at night, where we grew up, where our family and friends are, or where our address is.

When people ask where our house is, we respond with the city, but recently I’ve started to realize that the house is nothing but someone who gives you a reason to stay.

The house is a safe place to stay, not because it is a small town with a low crime rate. Home is the person who makes you feel safe. This person simply relieves all worries because he is standing next to you. The person who reminds you that whatever you go through, you don’t go through it alone. That person who gives you a reason to want to come back.

Home is simply where you are wanted, loved and appreciated. The place where you are good enough even with all your faults. But more than that, I think home is a person.

The person who makes you happier than anyone else in the world. Home is where that person is.

And I hope you find that. I hope you find someone who will never leave, even when you have to. I hope you find someone waiting for you when you return.

I hope you find out that wherever you go or whatever you do, there are certain people that you will always take with you at all times. And it’s home.

At home is the person who can watch you smile and know that you are telling bullshit to the whole world and who asks you what is wrong.

Home is the person who can see the pain in your eyes when you have cheated on everyone around you.

The house is the person who stands near you in times of confusion, it is not there to answer questions or solve anything, it is simply there and does not leave.

At home, it is this connection that you do not understand, but it is obvious that there is something between you. At home, it’s letting someone enter their world, even when you’re afraid.

You realize that as different as you feel from others around you, you have found someone who is like you. Someone who understands. You trust him. You would entrust your life to him if necessary because, somewhere along the way, he somehow saved you.

You talk about dreams that may never come true, but he looks at you and believes in you and has confidence in you, enough for you to start believing in yourself too.

He knows your insecurities, your fears and the things that prevent you from sleeping at night. But it praises you in such a way that it makes you better than you ever thought you would.

He always knows what to say and when to say it and you wonder how someone can know you when you haven’t even figured it out yourself yet?

Home is the person whose touch heals you. It teaches you that there is nothing wrong with loving again and that this time it will not hurt you.

At home is the person whose happiness composes yours. The person you’re dealing with, trying to find a solution. Home is the person who teaches you not to be selfish anymore because suddenly someone else’s well-being is more important than yours.

Home is the person you would do anything for because if something happened to him, a big chunk of your heart would break.

When you find this and try to describe what your definition of home is, others will not understand until they experience it.

But I hope you find someone who defines what home means to you. And I hope when you find that person, you never have to know what it’s like to live without them.