I love you, but I love myself even more

Whatever the strength of your feelings for a person. It does not matter if you’ve been together for months or years, if that person ends up being toxic to you, then you can not continue with it. The motto is simple “I love you, but I love me even more”.

1. I will not destroy myself for someone

You will not be late for work just because you have been awake all night crying for him. You must not ruin your health because you were so attached to it that you forget to eat. Never give excuses to your partner to torture you, because you deserve better than that.

2. My mental health is more important than the state of my relationship

It’s better to be single than to be constantly stressed to know if he will call or show up for your appointment. It is also better to sleep alone than to sit all night, waiting for him to come home. You deserve a healthy relationship or nothing at all.

3. I know what I want

You know what you want from a relationship, and you want to be treated well and not used for bed or to flatter another person’s ego. You should never accept a mediocre relationship that does not make you better, but rather the opposite.

4. No one can ruin what I have achieved

It took you a long time to learn to love yourself, to trust you and to know you well. This is not the time to let you down and destroy everything you have built so far. You must think of yourself.

5. You are not my first priority

You are your first priority. It sounds selfish, but that’s how it must be. You must put your needs and desires first to stay healthy.

6. I do not deserve the abuse

It does not matter how much you care about your partner, whether it causes negative emotions, psychic or even physical harm, you will not have to stay with that person anymore. You must know what is best for you, and that means you have to distance yourself from anyone who hurts you.

7. My happiness counts above all

You can not stay in touch with this person because you are not happy. You deserve happiness and have what is best for you. Even if you like it, you can leave your toxic partner because you know that you will be happier without him in your life.

8. I do not need your love

If his love will destroy you, then you do not need it at all. You are not desperate. You already have enough inner love to give again and receive.

9. I know myself very well

No matter how deep you love him. If he deceives you or does not give you enough attention, you can not continue in this relationship. Now you know what you want and you know yourself deeply, so you will not stay with a man who can not give you what you need.

10. I love every part of myself

If a person really loves you, she will not only love your body, or only your spirit. You have to look for someone who will appreciate all you have to offer on all levels.