I love you, you are the love of my life but I want you to know that …

When we fall in love with someone we want it to be our way and for life. I love you my life, you are the love of my life, but things don’t always go the way we want them to. Things turn out the way we do and many times they make us suffer.

We feel and say, I love you, my love, you are the love of my life. But what is really about to happen? For example, each one has to continue attending to their work issues, studies, etc.

I love you very much my love you are the love of my life. Yes, but what happens if that person disappears? Do you run out of love? There are many things that we do not control and yet we believe that it is safe.

1.- Love lasts as long as the desire lasts

We like to think, believe or take for granted that a relationship is forever. Although it is a very nice, very romantic thought, it is not. Most relationships are short-lived.

You do not know how long your relationship will last, even when you think you are doing everything to make it eternal. Therefore, love and passionately live each present moment no matter how long it lasts.

2.- I love you, you are the love of my life

But you are not always going to be the priority in my life. My priority will always be my happiness and my freedom to be myself despite you. But that does not mean that you are going to be the most important person in my life.

True love is not that the other person meets your expectations, nor that their obligation is to make you happy. Each one has to take responsibility for his life with mutual and selfless support.

3.- Each one is responsible for the quality of love they give

I love you, you are the love of my life, but give me my space and my time to love myself. I can only love you as I love myself and love myself when I dedicate myself to what I am most passionate about.

Carrying your own happiness on your partner’s shoulders is a bet to failure. As each one feels free to do what he loves, his quality of love will increase.

4.- I have decided to love you without expectations

I love you my life you are the love of my life but you are not my only love. I also love listening to music, walking with my dog, dancing, reading, and writing. I love you without expectations because these other loves fill me.

Loving with expectations is a path to frustration because no one can be or behave as you want. Sincere love is a love without ties, you do not have to satisfy my needs.

5.- I am not your whole life, I am not your everything or your sky

I have a life in my own way, friends, family, tastes, weaknesses, frustrations, challenges, etc. You fascinate me, you fascinate me, I love you, but I also want to go out with my friends, I want to travel and be alone.

When you commit to a love relationship, “your life” continues. You are going to change some plans, but in essence, what gives meaning to your life will continue.

6.- I love you, you are the love of my life but I will change

I will not always look young, happy, strong, friendly. Over the years I will change, you will change and I will no longer have the image you fell in love with. You will also know new facets of me that you may not like.

I love you my life you are the love of my life but as a woman, you will change a lot with your children. Love will no longer be a good figure and romantic evenings. They will have problems, and only if there is love will they survive.

7.- Love will be transformed into communication

A love relationship is a construction of two people putting interest and emotion into communication. It is not yours because he said yes, do not get used to being by your side. As you didn’t quite earn it.

You never fall completely in love in the first days, months, and years. Everything in couple love is a voluntary, positive, and loving act of communicating. Words, gestures, thoughts, looks, everything counts.

8.- We will really want to do silly things

When a couple truly loves each other it is because each one is progressing with their own love. And that self-esteem is basically laughing at your own need to be right about something.

You love yourself enough and you don’t need support from your ego. That means not taking things so seriously. At some point, they will want to do things differently, make mistakes or stay comfortable.

9.- At some point, we will get angry, but it is not the end

Good couples don’t always agree. They have learned to treat each other with love even when they think differently. I love you my life you are the love of my life and when I get angry it is only a moment.

There are always difficult moments in a couple but it does not mean that love is over. Sometimes it’s just stupid and they need to be close to look at each other lovingly.

10.- Your partner will always be your best lesson

Two people join their lives to be happy and successful by forming a family. But the road will be full of challenges and difficulties that they have to learn to solve together and separately.

If you want your partner to improve yours. If you want your partner to treat you better, be the one who treats him better. Because all love and all happiness begin with yourself.

You don’t have to condition your happiness or your progress on your partner’s attitude. Rather tell him, thank you love for the challenges and problems that force me to seek the best version of myself.