I met my guy on a dating site and everything is fine, thanks

Dating sites and apps have a bad reputation. However, more and more singles are registering in the hope of landing a date for a night or a lifetime. Because yes, it is totally possible to find love on Tinder, Happn and the others. And it is far from being “shameful”.

“How did you meet?” If you have just joined a couple, this is the question (a little annoying) that we will necessarily ask you. As if the most important thing in a romantic relationship was the meeting. So, let’s be honest, no, we don’t care as long as 1) you’re happy, 2) your relationship is going well and 3) your guy is great.

The worst part is if you met this boy on an application or a dating site. Far from romantic meetings at work, in the evening or at a wedding, lightning strikes via Happn, Tinder or Bumble are more and more frequent.

The proof, I am currently in a relationship with a boy met on Happn, for almost 3 years. And frankly, everything is fine, thank you, apart from the bizarre and guilty reactions that still arouse this “new” type of meeting.

The bad reputation of dating sites

But where does this aversion to dating sites come from? Even if the zapping side to excess can be scary, these apps are still very practical to get straight to the point (that is to say meet the person who will make our little heartbeat).

Some people use them for something else, so what? lovemaking plan, blow of an evening, call it what you want, it does not prevent that if the desires of each one are established in advance, everyone finds its account there.

The Fruitz app has also established a very simple system for meeting people who want the same thing as you. By logging in, you select the fruit that suits you: a cherry “to find your other half”, grapes for “seriousness without taking grapes”, a watermelon for “recurring hugs without seeds” and a peach for “a desire to fish with you. ” Loud and clear.

You just have to stop associating dating apps with a place of endless debauchery. It is precisely these prejudices that made me doubt the veracity of the words of my guy, from the first evening. Yes, he wanted to see me again. Except that instead of being happy (since I really wanted to see him too), I started to psychotic and ask myself a thousand questions. In particular, does he really want to see me again or does he just want to put me in his bed?

On dating sites, it is certainly possible to find the plan for an evening, but love, the reality is also there. The proof: according to a recent study, out of 14,000 couples surveyed, 19% said they had met through a site or an application, 17% through friends, 15% at school, 12% at work and 2% thanks to social networks. Suffice to say that dating sites are becoming the modern Cupids. Enough to silence the bad tongues who see only a somewhat sordid pool.

A less romantic encounter?

So yes, okay, the story of meeting our grandparents and even our parents is surely much cuter. But really, is it really the most important? In the end, registering on a dating site to find love is like going out to a bar or club: there can be love at first sight, but you also have the risk of running into the wrong boy, or else. .. come back empty-handed. Love can, therefore, fall on us at any time and too bad (or so much the better) if it’s on the internet. The love story will be no less romantic or less beautiful to live and tell.

To be honest, it took me a while to tell my parents the real story of our meeting. I was mainly afraid that they would judge me and above all, that they would quickly judge my new boyfriend. In the end, the main thing is obviously to know that I am happy. And it should work for everyone!

For example, wondering what to tell your kids (if you ever have one)? You can simply tell them about the great first (or second or third) date you both had and all the other beautiful things that have happened to you since. And that’s what counts, right?