I miss him / her: 3 tips to let go!

Do you often wonder why you miss him / her so much  ? But also how to control your emotions so as not to crack and create conflicts in your relationship? Or how do you stop waiting for his/her messages?

Love is much to my regret a taboo subject in our society. This is why no one talks about dealing with an addiction of affection or just lacking the person you love.

I wanted to restore the situation by sending you in this article three new tips to help you no longer feel the lack of your man, your wife or your ex.

Occupy your mind and your time!

I know very well that it is never easy to feel the lack of your partner. And yet today you have solutions that adapt to all situations and it is up to you to take action. Indeed, I noticed in coaching that as soon as you manage to create a precise framework, that is to say a strict schedule, then you are also able to control your emotions and no longer give in to negativity.

To fill the gap for the person you love , you have to put the energy only on YOU .

Now is the time to take an agenda and plan your next 6 weeks. I am going to ask you to put each week: a new action (dance lessons, cooking, hiking, karting, paintball …) but also an action that really makes you happy and that you can do alone or in the company of your relatives but not your partner.

Why ? Quite simply because it is essential that you can build your world and fight the obsession we find ourselves in when we miss the person we love .

Filling the gap: how to improve your relationship?

I know very well that you have many fears at the idea of ​​not seeing your partner regularly or knowing that he / she is in the evening with his / her friends for example. This feeling prevents you from shining and therefore putting the positive back in your relationship. You must be very careful with your behavior because if you remain in negativity, jealousy or emotional dependence then you will risk experiencing a painful breakup because you will have great regrets.

To succeed in filling the lack of his or her partner , I encourage you to invest in YOU as seen in the previous paragraph but also in your relationship.

Take your diary or a blank sheet of paper and ask yourself: “How can we spice up our relationship? “.

It will thus no longer be a question of saying to each other “I miss him / her too much” but rather “How can we be even happier together? “.

I can guarantee you that to fill the gap there is nothing better than asking the right questions but also being able to determine how to get out of the routine so that your partner can blossom even more in your story.

This will allow you for example that he / she invests more and reassures you about his intentions.

Have positive communication: complicity!

Investing in your relationship very often means finding a way to schedule new activities, but as I said, you must absolutely avoid that communication becomes only negative. This is why I encourage all the people I coach not to remain afraid and frustrated and therefore to make the decision to write to their ex.

But not just any old way! We don’t want conflict, crises, arguments and that’s why you will have to control your lack.

If you have to reach your man, your wife or your ex partner because the lack is too important I want you to make him / her laugh!

Positive communication is too important to create a strong couple and to strengthen a bond that will allow you to have a fulfilling couple.

How to do ? All you need to do is breathe well to gain emotional control and then talk to your partner as if they were your best friend.

There is no miracle recipe but tell yourself that if you manage to be natural, that is to say as with your loved ones you will be able to strengthen the love within your relationship and especially not to tell yourself that ‘you miss him / her too much and suffer for it.

I also encourage you to take action so that you never have to feel destructive lack again . Suffering has no place in the couple.