I miss him, Why do I miss my man?

Why do you miss your man and how to get him back?

I miss him, but why? This is the main question you should ask yourself when you feel empty after a hard separation from your partner. It is important to understand the problem to quickly find a solution. By finding the answers yourself, you will be able to find the right strategy to recover it, unless you hate your ex.

You miss Him, for what reasons?

It is completely normal for you to feel sad after a separation. The most unpleasant is the pain in your chest that you carry around everywhere and that wakes you up in the middle of the night. But why are you so sad and your image haunts you day and night.

The good times spent together

The good times you spent with your ex can only flood your mind and make you automatically think of him. When you walk down the aisle of the grocery store and see his favorite snack or when your song plays on the radio, you will always have his image in your head. Over time, these memories will fade, but from time to time, you may still think of those good moments shared by two. This is however not the case if you have lived a toxic relationship or that your ex was an a**hole.

Constant Contact

“I feel the void without him”. This is one of the things that does not make the post-breakup situation any easier. You were so used to seeing this person. Did you talk all day and every night? After the breakup, you can’t help but check your phone regularly to see if someone has texted you. It’s hard, but you have to get used to it.

If you want to recover it, do not send him an SMS the day after your break-up. But also, don’t wait a year to do it. While it can be embarrassing to be alone, if you’re strong enough, you’re going to be able to build a bridge between relationship and friendship. It will not always be possible in the immediate future. Give yourself space and also give your ex to accept the breakup.

Good times under the duvet

From a carnal point of view, it is likely that after having a good time in the pen with your ex, you feel a lack. For a while, you had a partner you turn to for these hot, late nights. After the breakup, you have a hard time regaining that confidence from other men. Maybe they are not as good and as tender as your ex!

Someone to hang out with

After a breakup, you may feel like you have way too much free time. When you were with your partner, you probably spent a lot of time together. Now that you are no longer in a relationship, you feel like you are having a hard time finding something to do. In this case, think of filling this void with your own passions: go out with your friends or your family, play sports, carry out new activities … Write down everything you have always wanted to do, now is the right time to do them.

The friendship you have forged

Complicity with his partner is common in the context of a romantic relationship. With time spent together, you have created a completely different bond from that which you have with your friends.

When you and your partner broke up, you didn’t just lose your mate. You can also lose your best friend, and this further accentuates the feeling of emptiness afterward. For many women, their partner is their best friend. And it is often this friendship that they miss after separation.

I miss Him: how to get Him back?

Men’s reaction is very variable after a breakup. Some choose to permanently turn the page while others wait for you to keep them coming back. You should know that if there have been strong feelings in your relationship, you will miss each other. It is not only you who suffer!

However, men are unpredictable. Some come directly to you, others wait for you to take the first step. But there are even men who have a lot of pride and expect you to bend over backward to get them back.

In any case, the break should not be a source of weakness. Show that you are strong and that you have managed to overcome your feelings. Playing the card of the woman determined to go ahead is a good strategy to get your ex back.

So never send an SMS that begs him like ” I miss you  “. If you show her that you are completely wiped out after the breakup, her feelings can turn to pity. Likewise, do not rush or act impulsively at the risk of making irreparable mistakes. As strange as it may seem, it is by creating lack and estrangement after a good mourning love that you will easily recover it.

Don’t harass him

“I suffer from his absence, I want to contact him again”If that’s your thought after breaking up, don’t do it. If you constantly text her telling her how much you miss her and how much you love her…. it may backfire. There is absolutely nothing worse than constantly trying to reach your ex, as he could take him as harassment. You may then have the opposite effect: scare him away.

Become a better woman

”  I miss him and I want to bring him back by becoming better”. Have you finally decided? Just follow the tips below to get there.

Take care of your body

It’s not about losing weight or having surgery, but find something that can put your physique forward. The main thing is not to indulge in bad eating habits or lack of physical exercise which may further alter your physical shape and appearance.

Opt for a more attractive style

For example, you may want to consider changing the way you make up to be even more radiant and get a whole new look. Buy a new lipstick, eyeliner, or something that makes you look sexy and desirable. In addition, pampering yourself will restore your self-confidence!

Have fun

Are there any friends you have lost contact with? It’s time to find them! Go out, meet new people, and be yourself. Let go of all the sadness you feel and have fun with your friends or family. Learn to laugh again, regain a taste for life … place no limits on your happiness.

Take care of your image on social networks

Social media can be a weapon to help get your ex back. With this kind of platform, you can apply what is called silent harassment. It’s a great way to make you want your old partner and make them want to win you back. Put up some surprisingly flattering photos that make you look happy and fulfilled.

Men are visual creatures

Post a beautiful photo of yourself. Do not choose a profile photo of your dog or any object photo. Simply display an attractive photo to make him aware of what he is missing.

Post happy photos

Show him that you can enjoy life without him. Men are attracted to happy women. In some cases, it can be upset to see how casual you are. It is the human instinct.

What if you show up with other men?

While this is effective, it is an extremely risky method and it is not always a good idea. If you were with an extremely possessive and emotional man who couldn’t bear to see you with another man … Don’t do it. It can work very well, but it can also make him want to never want to get back with you. So be careful. And if you decide to do it, do it only in small doses. Don’t go too far, as it could backfire.