I still hope that in the end, you and I meet again

“I immediately knew it was you.” I had neither reservations nor doubts. I saw you and I knew in an instant, even in my flesh, that my soul had known yours for centuries. Beau Taplin.

I never thought it would be possible in my life to meet someone and instantly click. From the moment I met you, something happened and my gut told me that you were different.

You were my soul mate. You were the reason I had to endure what I had endured. You were the reward on the finish line after an incredibly painful race.

From the start, you reminded me of what it felt like to feel again, you reminded me of my love of music and photography. You understood my difference and embraced it without a second of hesitation. This only happens very rarely.

In all honesty, I didn’t want to fall for it. I didn’t want to get attached. I didn’t want to believe that it was you that I had been waiting for all this time. I was terrified of suffering again. But all the moments spent with you allowed me to lower my guard.

I allowed myself to be vulnerable with you. I felt something I thought I would never feel again and I was happy like I hadn’t been for a long time. I think this is where I was wrong. I opened too quickly. I scared you and you ran away.

You see, I had a rule: never let anyone get too close to me because it seems that everyone was running away as soon as I let them go. I ignored this rule for you, I let you approach me and you reminded me why I didn’t allow anyone to enter.

You broke my heart and I have no idea what to do now. I still believe that my soul and yours are very old friends.

My instinct is never wrong; I always believe that you are different. I still believe that we are destined. I don’t think you wanted to hurt me.

I think you started to feel what I was feeling and that scared you as much as I did. But you made what was your hobby completely different and you ran away quickly and far.

I hope that one day our paths will cross again, and I hope that day you will have the courage to stay.