I want a guy who really cares about me!

It is undeniable, life is easier when there are two of you. I want a shoulder to pour on and a hand to take in mine when things get complicated. But it’s hard to give a boy a chance when I know my heart is going to come out even more broken than before.

I am tired of having to convince myself that a boy deserves my heart simply because he wants to conquer it and not because he has proven to me that he deserves it. I want a guy who really cares about me.

It will not be only fine words. When he tells me he’s coming, he will really come. He will really care about how my day went and will do all those little things to make it better. He will start my car on very cold days, carry the heavy shopping bags, and do his best to make our evenings special. He will do it because it is in his temper and not to catch up.

He will praise my merits with everyone he knows, not to make me see well but because he will be proud to introduce me.

He will want to spend all his time with me without ever threatening my independence. I wouldn’t have to feel like a spare tire because he would never apologize. He will say “yes” and not “maybe” when I ask him to do something. He won’t be clingy or overbearing, simply because doing things together will seem natural to him.

And when we are not together, he will not forget that I exist. He will not ignore me during the weekends and will not force me to worry about what he does in his spare time because he will always want to call me and tell me that I miss him, that he is interested in me and that he loves me very much.

And if things turn sour, he will respect my privacy but never put me aside. He will never turn a blind eye to an argument considering that it doesn’t matter. He will do his best to make things better because he never wants to be the cause of my pain. He will really be interested in my feelings.

It will make me want to imagine our future together because every day, it will inspire me and bring out the best in me. But it will continue to make me feel like I feel now, even with all these imperfections which in his eyes seem perfect.

He will be interested in me because when it comes to love, I will not settle for anything less.