I was ghosted: what do I do?

Ghosting, this completely cruel love behavior, is more and more common in couples. To protect yourself as much as possible, it is better to know how to react in the event of the complete disappearance of your new crush.

In a romantic relationship , we are often afraid of being dumped. But with the arrival of new love behaviors, we are also afraid of being ghosted. This phenomenon consists in no longer responding to his or her partner, to make him understand that we no longer want to see her.

This cruel practice is unfortunately increasingly present. For a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships , researchers interviewed more than 1,300 participants. 25% of them have already been ghosted and 20% have themselves ghosted relatives.

Ghosting can mean the end of a couple, but also of a friendship or a professional relationship. In short, you can be ghosted by anyone around you, without you doing anything.

There is something to be afraid of, right?

The worst reactions to ghosting

In any case, this feeling of abandonment is not pleasant. Without response and above all, without explanation, we quickly wonder what we could have done wrong or if the person does not have a serious problem.

“When one is ghosted, one finds oneself without explanation and one does not know what to think about it,” explains Carolina Castanos, founder of the Moving On site, at the Refinery 29 site . “Little by little, we begin to imagine the worst possible scenarios, which is sometimes even more difficult to live with,” she adds.

At that time, we generally say that we must act. And the first thing we want to do is send a multitude of messages to the jerk who no longer gives any sign of life.

And too bad if we are on the verge of harassment !

How to react when you have just been ghosted?

However, we assure you, this is not necessarily the right solution. The best thing to do is to try to clarify the situation with this person, asking why they are no longer responding to you.

In the best of cases, perhaps this situation is only a misunderstanding and everything can quickly get back to normal.

In the worst case, your call or message will go unanswered again. Certainly, your ego and your self-confidence may take a hit. Nevertheless, you will be fixed once and for all on the temperament of your crush: he is a coward and he does not deserve you.

Tell yourself one thing, in all relationships, communication is essential. If your partner does not want to speak to you as soon as there is a problem, you have nothing to do with him.

Honestly, it’s not worth it and you can quickly move on.