I would like to thank this ex who broke my heart

This text also applies to men.

When you broke my heart, it was my best story.

I had no idea how I was going to get out of it.

I felt totally empty, devastated, by all these words that were never said, and there were so many situations that destroyed me little by little.

I had new dreams in my head, again, I had learned to open up again, I had explored a new relationship.

I had learned to overcome so many things and situations, but I had the strange feeling that there was always a piece missing to the puzzle.

But this missing piece was not you, and it was our breakup that made me discover it.

Thanks to our breakup, I opened my eyes, my life was totally turned upside down, in the saddest, but also in the best possible way.

Because when I lost you, in reality, I won everything.

There was so much love, trust, hope between us and I had to keep moving forward, without you by my side.

And unfortunately, I couldn’t relive all those smiles, those moments and moments when we had been happy, I had to leave everything behind.

But I found that I should celebrate them instead, because in life, behind every disappointment lies an experience, and behind every scar is a beautiful story that ended badly.

When we parted, you broke my heart, it took all my energy to tear myself away from you.

I had to learn to live again, to rediscover myself, who I was, what I loved and what defined me, because with you, I too often forgot myself, even erased myself.

And even with all the tears that flowed down my cheeks for you, now I don’t cry anymore, I smile, because this lesson taught me what I don’t want anymore from a relationship and especially what really suits me now.

And now I have reached the point that my loved ones, my family, my friends, told me I would reach, that of letting you go, that of now focusing on my future and on my well-being.

Thanks to this breakup, I especially learned not to be the person I was when we were together. I am once again the one I have always been, happy and courageous, who is able to face life when it gets difficult.

You broke my heart, but I want you to know that I forgive you, and that I no longer seek your excuses.

Because some times in life, some questions go unanswered, and we have to accept it.