Ideas for an original evening at home

Are you looking for a romantic and original activity to do at home at night? Discover our 30 ideas for an extraordinary romantic evening. Ideal for getting out of the routine, for a Valentine’s Day evening, or just for having fun for two for an evening!

Romantic evenings at home

Simple but romantic ideas for a perfect romantic evening

1 / Take a romantic bubble bath
– Add soft music, candles.
– Prepare some delicacies and of course Champagne!

2 / Dance in a room lit only by candles
– Put the candles (tealight for example) everywhere: floor, on the furniture, … the atmosphere must be romantic and magical.

3 / Organize a massage evening
– Everyone can take turns massaging the other
– Choose massage oils, buy or borrow a book from the library on massage techniques

Take care of him / her for an evening

Take care of your wife or your man for an evening!

4 / Give your man a manicure

5 / Be his servant for an evening
– If he / she is a good player, he / she should suggest that you reverse the roles next time.

6 / You are a woman: shave it – You are a man: varnish your toenails
– Go gently so that your partner is relaxed and relaxed

Share activities together

As it is important to share activities when you are in a couple, discover some original or more classic ideas for an evening filled with complicity

7 / Cook your favorite dishes together

8 / Read to each other
– Before your evening, go you in a bookstore to find, together, a book that seems to your taste.

9 / Take time to think about a joint project or dream
– Travel, work, family, etc.

10 / Create your own cocktail together
– Use your favorite ingredients
– Find a name for it

11 / Do you learn something from each other
– Some examples: playing a musical instrument, learning a language, performing a magic trick.

12 / Start writing a book for two
– Write your love story, a detective or science fiction novel, a film script, the main one being to write together.
– Have fun creating characters with various personalities.

13 / Write a song together
– On a song you know (your song for example) … or not!

14 / Make a notebook where you will write down all your projects (young and old).
– You can progressively strike out the projects you have completed.

Original evening ideas!

Get out of the routine with these original couple party ideas!

15 / Have a picnic in front of a fireplace
– For dessert, grill chamallows

16 / Dine in bed!
– Plan meals that are easy to taste

17 / Buy a bunch of magazines and cut out the photos (travel, cooking) reflecting the dreams you would like to achieve.
– Stick the photos on a large sign that you will put in a place that you will be able to see every day, to remind you that your dreams must be realized.

18 / Build an improvised tent in your living room to spend the night

19 / Make a TV marathon of your favorite common series
– Plan a little drinking game (soft of course): as soon as a character says a recurring phrase or a specific action is taken, take a sip!

20 / A theme evening: One evening, a country! … and each in turn!
– “Each in turn, point to a country on a world map by closing your eyes! You will then have to make a themed meal on this country! Do not forget the atmosphere: decoration and music!
The week after that is your companion / companion to stick to it … “

21 / Organize a theme evening: A meal and a film
– A Spanish film accompanied by tapas, an Italian film accompanied by pasta or pizza, …

22 / Dine in “fast-food-chic” mode!
– The principle: Go together to order to take away a menu in a fast food chain and when you return what will not be your surprise by discovering a magnificent table prepared with candlestick and background music! Eat burgers / fries in a chic way … it’s original!

Little games or fun activities to do as a couple

Ideas for games and fun activities for a romantic evening are worth laughter and complicity.

23 / Make a mutual list of your respective qualities from A to Z
– On a sheet of paper, write down on each line all the letters of the alphabet before starting to play.
– For more fun, try to complete as many letters as possible. For each empty letter, a pledge can be given!
– In place of qualities you can choose to write a word that will remind you of a memory, a place, or something else that will have been important for your couple.

24 / Fill in a love notebook
– There are several models of love notebooks on the market. The goal is to learn more about each other.
– To see a selection of these famous notebooks: Love notebooks

25 / Buy a puzzle and do it for two while tasting your favorite drink
– Choose a puzzle of at least 500 pieces.

26 / Photocopy a comic book page and write your own bubbles
– Find a comic strip on your favorite search engine, print it then erase the bubbles with a corrector then reprint it again to get a blank sheet of dialogue!

27 / Draw each other
– Plan for soft music, candles, drawing paper and a pencil / charcoal

28 / Carry out a treasure hunt in the house

29 / Carry out a photo session with funny accessories

30 / Buy a canvas and paint a “masterpiece” together
– If you dare, hang it in the living room … otherwise in the cellar!