Ideas of original places for a first meeting

you’ve met a girl or boy you like and you’re ready to invite them to your first date. Yes but … the restaurant or the cafe is anything but original! To impress him … or at least to change and play your card of originality, we invite you to discover several ideas of cool places for a very first date!
Choose a place where you will feel comfortable. For example, do not choose the ice rink if you have never skated in your life!
Similarly, choose a place that will please the person you invite! It is a gallant date and not a test.
For even more originality, you can create a surprise on your date, by not telling him where to take him for this first date. Go get him / her and take him / her to your meeting place. You will appear full of surprises and astonishing!
Also choose the place according to what you expect from this first meeting? If you really want to get to know him / her better, choose a place conducive to confidentiality.

What original place to choose for a first date

-The skating rink
-A funfair
-A day at the beach or in the forest (with a picnic)
-A picnic in a park
-A tree climbing
-Visit your city, like tourists
-An amusement park
– a museum or exhibition
-Bathroom arcades
-A bike ride or skating
-A bowling
-A pool
-A planetarium
-The karting
-A library to share your best memories literary
-A one-man show
-A karaoke
-Visit of an aquarium or zoo
-A rally in your city
-Cooking class by a pro
-An escape room
-An opera or a ballet
-A free or paying concert
-A jazz club
-Pedalo, canoe or kayak
-Climbing indoors
-A minigolf
-A Sunday brunch
-Wander in a flea market