If a woman does these things she is very in love with you even if she says no

When a woman falls madly in love with a man, it shows even if she tries to hide it. It is very simple for those who know how to watch. If a woman does these things, she is very much in love, even if she says by word that nothing happens.

Both men and women are afraid to risk in love. That is why many people, mistakenly, prefer to hide their love feelings. But to an expert eye you have signs that betray a woman in love.

Let’s see what a woman does when she is in love with a man:

She is a woman who cannot help but look and smile at the man she likes

Eye contact is one of the body gestures that give away a woman in love. She can be very discreet looking, she can take care that no one notices, but she will look at what she likes.

Even without realizing it, she will look at the man she is in love with. He is trying to focus on something and suddenly he feels that he is close and looks.

For a woman in love, a man can be her biggest reason for lack of concentration. She can’t help but think of him and look for him.

A woman does these things is very in love: She is very close


Another of the body gestures of a woman in love is wanting to be very close to the man she loves. If your friend leans towards you when you talk, they are good signs of attraction.

A woman approaching the man she loves is a natural and instinctive attitude. Sometimes she doesn’t even accept that someone likes her, but her body language gives her away.

A woman in love arranges her hair or clothes very subtly


A woman playing with her hair looks more flirtatious, more attractive. It is something that she does only in front of the man she likes. It is a gesture of attraction to get a man to pay attention to you.

These gestures can be very discreet or very expressive. They also do it by fixing their clothes. Nerves or the need to look better make these things happen.

A girl in love gets emotional and blushes in front of the man she loves


Blushing is involuntary and happens for many things, one of them when you meet the boy you like. They can be calmly chatting between friends and he looks at you.

A shy girl in love can blush just by feeling the man she likes by her side. Blushing is another attraction resource, she will look more beautiful to attract that man.

They expose the wrists and palms of their hands as an act of surrender

If a woman does these things, she is very much in love. Show the most delicate part of your hand, the wrist. This symptom of a woman in love also means acceptance, shaking hands.

An attentive man will take that hand and kiss it. With this attitude, a woman is also saying that she agrees to go hand in hand with this man through thick and thin.

Frequently makes hand gestures to get noticed

It’s like saying, look at me, here I am for you. When he is talking, he makes quick gestures with his hands. This is part of the body language of a woman in love.

These gestures occur more in nervous and unsure women. Despite their insecurities, nature helps them with these spontaneous reactions.

If she likes you, she will want to approach you and touch you with a lot of flirtation


Another thing a woman in love instinctively does when she likes a man is touch him. Wanting to touch what we like is something that happens to all of us.

If a woman wants to touch you, she may like you. He will use jokes, games, etc., to achieve his goal. That way everything happens as by chance, but if it happens often, he likes you.

A woman in love tries to stand with her feet slightly apart

Another way a woman gives herself away when she likes a man is by the way he stands. The nerves and the need to stand out cause him to stand with his feet slightly apart.

Remember, if a girl does these things, she feels a lot of love. I was also able to nervously play with his ankles.

If she has a big smile when you show up, it means that she thinks of you


He wants you, because if a woman does these things she is very much in love. She can’t help but smile at what she likes. He dreams of you beautiful and is very happy to see you.

Smiling a lot is one of the gestures of a woman in love. You don’t even say something funny and she’s smiling or laughing like it’s all a party.

Smiling in front of something we like is instinctive, it is also a resource to attract. By giving a woman her best smile, she betrays her love but at the same time becomes more attractive.