If I block him, will he come after me?

If I block him, will he come after me? This is the question that hangs over the innocent heads of those who are stupid enough to make this ridiculous and non-functional scene.

Why the hell do you think that blocking him, will make him change, start respecting you, assuming you, or whatever you expect from him with that attitude?

First, when you block the guy, he knows, that either you’re having a tantrum, or it’s because you want to get something out of him with it.

So, it just sits and waits for you to unblock him, because yes, he knows that soon you will relax and come back.

And there’s a good thing about it, you know what? He can chat with multiple people while blocked without fear.

So, be a little smarter and understand that this “tactic” of blocking is useless… Except…

That you want to block him forever and move on with your life.

Then yes, it will work…

Because when you decide to put an end to what hurts you, which destroys you little by little, your life begins to move forward.

You let go of something that holds you back from being happy.

And here for us? There’s nothing better than the freedom that is inside the chest.

When that anguish of not knowing if the next day he will still be there is gone.

Screw whether he will or not, you’ve already made your choice, you chose yourself first.

Have you ever felt this?

And believe me, that’s when ALL the tactics you used to do with a lot of effort, start to work.

And as a man knows when you’re being serious or not, then things change.

Because of course, until then, he was focused on the others, because he was sure you were there, all silly for him…

So, the answer is NO, he will not come after you, not even if you block him, much less if you continue there, standing still, just waiting for the tide to take you, or in harsh words, waiting for HIM to decide for your future.