If you can answer YES! to these 9 Questions, you are made to be together

The subtle (and not so subtle) signs to watch out for.
Life is short, as they say.

It is true that life can seem short if you are happy, in good health, if you pursue your passions and have the right partner. But if you find yourself in an unhappy relationship , or just with the wrong person, life can seem long. With the right partner by your side, you can face the inevitable hurdles and storms of life. With a partner who does not support you or who is incompatible, these obstacles can seem insurmountable.

Do you think you’ve found the right one? Here are nine things to check to make sure you’re right.

1. Do you trust yourself?

Trust is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to take into account when you see if you have found the right partner. If you don’t fully trust yourself, you might as well go now. Do not continue. Go away. Do not collect € 200.

It will never get easier than at the start of the relationship. You both have to be honest with each other because you have respect for each other. If you happen to worry about where she’s going with her friends or call her to find out where she is, it’s not to trust.

2. Do you have compatible lifestyles?

Are you vegan and your partner is carnivorous, or vice versa? Do you like to hike every Sunday and your partner prefers to stay at home watching movies? None of these lifestyles is better than another, but having very different ideas of how to live your lives is sure to cause trouble.

It’s not really about learning to share your Saturdays. It is a question of deeply held beliefs and values ​​that are not in harmony . You will do much better to choose a partner who shares your lifestyle.

3. Are you learning from each other?

Life is a great journey – and this journey is much more interesting and enjoyable if you share it with someone who can teach you new things. You don’t need to have a teacher partner to open your eyes to new ways of thinking or cooking a death cheesecake. Couples who learn from each other have more to say to each other and a more varied life.

4. Do you have a common opinion on money?

Economic and religious contexts are said to be the two most important contributors to compatibility. If you like to save and your wife or partner likes to spend (or vice versa), this is not necessarily a major problem. In fact, it may be better to have two different views of money than to have two crazy spenders or two tight ends, but you don’t have to be at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Make sure you can speak openly about money in a respectful manner and so you can work together to save for the important things in life.

5. Are you laughing together?

You don’t need to find a comedian, but a sense of humor can have a lot to do in a happy relationship. If you’re with the right one, she’ll be able to comfort you when you’ve had a bad day, and she’ll be able to let the little things go by.

Couples who have been married for decades often speak of a sense of humor as the secret ingredient of a happy marriage.

6. Do you want the same things?

Have you discussed your long-term goals? When you are with the right one, your goals will match. You will build on each other to create a common vision for your future.

It doesn’t matter if you have differences in your vision. But if one of you does not want to change your dreams to compromise with those of the other, then this is a problem.

7. Is it easy?

Often, you listen to songs or watch movies that glorify the difficult beginnings of a relationship. It may be full of drama and passion. It can be tempting to see in this crazy drama a sign that you are so in love. But in fact, it is a sign that you should probably go away.

If starting a relationship is difficult, the rest will be much worse. The right partner will make your life easier. You will enjoy your time together, you will speak freely and you will never feel this dynamic “love / hate”.

8. Do you get along with each other’s friends and family?

Your friends and family will not change. What is the dynamic between your girlfriend and your mother or between her and your best friend? Even if it doesn’t matter if they are not best friends, nothing good can happen if your mother hates your girlfriend (or vice versa).

Your friends and family have been with you for a long time. If your girlfriend doesn’t get along with them, then this is going to be a very tumultuous relationship.

The same goes for your relationship with friends. If you think his best friend is horrible, that will be a problem at some point.

9. Do you like him exactly as hi is?

People don’t change. Or rather, they are able to change, but only when they choose, according to their own choices.

If you love your girlfriend but if you hope she is smarter, nicer, less talkative, more orderly, etc., then your dissatisfaction will only grow. This does not mean that you have to worship each of its annoying habits, but it does mean that you have to accept them and live with them forever. In the same way, she must feel the same for your quirks and habits.

When you find the right one, everything else in your life will become easier. If you have problems at work, it will help you overcome them. If you want to make big changes in your life, she will support you. If you are going through a tragedy, she will leave you crying on her shoulder. The right partner makes the whole way of life less difficult. So choose your partner wisely. This is by far the most important decision you will make.