If your partner does these 7 things, he takes you for a fool

The first encounter, the first attraction and all the first times that follow in a relationship are unique. We formally declare ourselves as a couple, we introduce our boyfriend to our family and we look forward to a bright future.

But, as in every relationship, love can be blind and it is only too late that we discover that our partner plays with our feelings and does not care about us. So, to allow you to see more clearly and avoid a deep disillusion, here are the 7 signs that prove that your boyfriend plays with you! 

  1. He is not looking for seriousness

By dint of fairy tale and romance stories of all kinds, as a woman, we have trouble hearing and understanding certain things. Indeed, instead of understanding that this man simply does not want a serious relationship, we are convinced that we can be the woman of his life. 

  1. He flirts but does not invite you out

Since you met him, he makes you turn his head with compliments and glances of the corner of the eye but big flat: he has never invited you out. So unless your crush is in fear of everything, he will not do it anytime soon or at least not with good intentions. 

  1. He says he has never been in love 

Certainly, men and women who have never known love, it exists but to note that they are still a sacred minority. Therefore, if your future man of your life and father of your children confesses to you that he does not know love when he is already 35 years old, beware because: first, he certainly does not want the l to be and/or not ready and secondly, he may leave you to discover more love horizons. 

  1. He does not have time to see you 

He floods you with SMS but he never has time to see you? So your boyfriend does not care about you and he has better things to do! He may even send this type of SMS to all the women in his repertoire. So, if the situation lasts for ages, run away from this wolf of love.

  1. He is coming out of a difficult relationship

Love and its meanders and … its ex. Yes, to take a person is to take it all with his past love, which sometimes causes (often) conflict within the couple. Indeed, what is worse than being constantly compared to the ex of her boyfriend? Maybe to stay with him! 

  1. He wants to see you at home

Far from worrying about whether you’re going to catch a virus that’s hanging around, a man who only asks to see you at home certainly has things to hide (you may be the thing to hide from elsewhere). So, if your boyfriend only offers to bring home food and spend the evening in front of a movie, ask yourself the right questions. 

  1. He does not keep his promises

Often, it is this sign that makes it possible to realize that the man with whom you are playing with your feelings: the fact that he does not keep his promises. It starts with a missed lunch until you cancel a trip for a suspicious business case. So, if your man never illustrates his words by deeds, a good discussion and perhaps a break will be foreseen.