I’m in love but he is not, what to do?

Are you already in love with him but you feel that your feelings are not (yet) shared? As a result, you don’t know what to do: be patient, hoping that it will happen one day, leave it before you get too attached … Don’t panic, here are the solutions to best manage this extremely delicate situation.

Be patient

The first rule in this matter is to be patient. Obviously, if you’ve been with him for a year and he still hasn’t said “I love you” to you after you’ve said it several times, talk to him openly.

Ask him how he feels about you, what the nature of his feelings are, and if he feels them changing over time. If the answer isn’t what you expect, it’s up to you to make a decision. Either stay with a man with whom everything is going well but who doesn’t love you like you deserve, or leave him.

On the other hand, if your relationship is recent, take your trouble patiently! Men need more time to discover feelings, and especially to confess them.

Live day by day

Don’t ask yourself too many questions. Learn to live your relationship as it comes. Live in the moment. If the two of you are good together and he shows you that he likes you very much, then there is nothing to worry about.

The feelings, the real ones, take time to settle. If you tell him that you love him and that he doesn’t run away, that’s a good sign. Your feelings don’t scare him.

Ask him

good, of course, the goal is not for him to retrace his romantic past to you step by step, but to find out what is blocking him. Is it because he was disappointed with his previous relationships or is it because he misses that famous little trick?

Communicating is the only way to solve your worries. Either you will be reassured about the evolution of your relationship, or your doubts will be confirmed and you will have no other choice but to move on and move on.

Take stock

If, after a few months of patience, your darling has still not confessed his feelings to you, leave him. Obviously, you can’t stay in a one-sided relationship.

You are not there to inflate his ego without receiving anything in return. Love is lived together, it is a sharing. You deserve to be loved as you love her. You are going to be sad for a while but it is bad for good because you are going to meet a man who will actually fall in love with you.